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Ignite Your Inner Heart

Step Through The Portal From Fear Into Love and Change Your Life

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Make Use Of These Times For Your Evolution

We live in extreme times that can be made use of to move through and evolve old issues, patterns, and challenges.  Many women and men are seeking new ways of transforming and integrating their life materially and spiritually.


Iana's awakened soul roadmap of spiritual-physical unification, proven to work with more than 10,000 people guides the way for living and BEing in your whole Self, where your brain, heart, body, mind, and soul work together from a new level of integrated Oneness.

Ignite Your Inner Heart is a 7-session, 7-week one-on-one mentoring package revealing and guiding the unique and individual roadmap of your soul giving you breakthrough experiences through doubt, fear, suffering, and resistance into clarity, reconnection, strength, love, and power that may be more tangible to feel and sense during these times.

7 Core Themes To Ignite Your True Self

Iana has defined 7 core themes for your 7 weekly Ignite Your Inner Heart sessions that comprise the journey of Oneness, healing, and recalibration on all levels of your BEing. 


Throughout your 7 weekly one-on-one sessions of 90 minutes each, you will experience each theme awaken, empower, and integrate your whole Self in a flowing, vibrant, systematic, and coherent way that optimizes your growth in a thoughtful, conscious, uplifting, and fun way. 

The 7 core themes you will experience in your seven weekly 90-minute sessions are:

  • Theme 1 - Receive and See Your Self - Move Beyond Ego Into Your Soul

  • Theme 2 - Transform Resistance - Come Into Your Body

  • Theme 3 - Breakthrough Struggle and Suffering - Move Through False Thinking

  • Theme 4 - Allow Your True Voice To Speak - Release Fear

  • Theme 5 - Reconnect Your Body, Mind, and Soul - Experience Your Power

  • Theme 6 - Recreate Your Relationship To Source Within You - Create Wealth

  • Theme 7 - Embrace the Power of Love - Know Your Self

Your 7 weekly One-on-One mentoring sessions with Iana will support you to:


  • Bring you through the doubts, challenges, anxieties, questions, inner separations, longings, and decisions that are up in your life from a new interconnected level of your BEing.


  • Set into motion living and BEing fully anchored and activated in your Self to walk your life path with greater insight, self-acceptance, love, and vitality.


  • Uncover, reveal, and resolve what, why, and how you have been navigating your life and give you a conscious connection to your natural and higher octave solutions to living in your whole and empowered Self. 


  • Heighten your spiritual growth through experiencing your True Self.

Accelerate Your Progress To ONEness

As you work with Iana you experience an acceleration of your mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, agility, and mastery while you are guided through the gateways of your personal destiny roadmap to awaken the power, truth, joy, courage, and clarity of your True Self.

The 7 weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions are designed for men and women who want to dive deeply and quickly and immerse themselves in profound inner transformation. These 7 one-on-one sessions can be a gateway to any other Spirit Gateways program for personal transformation, whether an online video course, group mentoring, or a deeper dive through a one-year mentoring experience.

In your 7-session, 7-week package, you can expect to make radical and profound shifts by awakening, realizing, clearing, and healing the roots of your body-mind and soul with greater clarity, anchored awareness, and an entirely new alignment.

Special Pricing: $2,895

Ignite Your Inner Heart is usually priced at $7500. In honor of these times of change, we want to support you to uplevel your life and move through the karmic, ancestral, sanskaric, and soul-level issues that may be preventing you from feeling on track and soaring.

Between April 1st, 2023 and June 31st, 2022, you can book your 7-session, 7-theme, 7-week package with Iana for $2,895 - a 62% discount.

Choose one of 3 payment options:

  • One payment: $2,895
  • Two payments: $1,522.50 each ($3,045 total)
  • Three payments: $1,040 each ($3,120 total)

Create Your Life In 2023 To BE An Expression Of Your
Joy, Power, Clarity & Vision


Let’s Work Together.
Let’s Begin. 

Great For Individuals or Couples

Give your Self or someone that you love a 7-Session, 7-theme, 7-week One-on-One Mentoring Package with Iana, and BE fully held in love.

Ignite Your Inner Heart is especially good for couples whose commitment to each other and humanity is foremost. Discounts are available for those two people who begin the 7-session, 7-theme, 7-week program at the same time. Note, each person has their own unique One-on-One 90-minute session, though couple sessions are possible with prior discussion and agreement with Iana. Please email Iana if you have any questions about registering as a couple.


Prepare For Other Spirit Gateway Programs

Ignite Your Inner Heart is a perfect step to prepare you for Iana’s MasterHeart MasterMind™, a group-community mentoring experience, her online video courses BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass, and Spirit Gateways® Passport, a personal Divine Messenger Session, and a one-year Individual Mentoring with Iana experience that gives you the opportunity to choose your specific transformational track.

Take a deep dive into the essence of your soul and open more fully into the light of your heart and receive the guidance and healing that will illuminate your life.

Yes, I Want To Change My Life Now!

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