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Intimacy & Relationship Transformation

Through The Love That You Make, Through The Love That You Give, 

You Have A Lot To Transform Through The Way You Live.

Intimacy and Relationship Transformation teaches energetic, physical, and spiritual practices that initiate you into higher levels of expressing and experiencing clear and renewed communication skills, relationship purpose and true connection, divine pleasure, ecstasy, erotic sensuality, loving kindness, and compassion.


You heal layers of psychological and emotional heartbreak, ancestral patterns, and societal programming that destroy intimacy, higher sex, and true happiness.


Based upon Iana Lahi’s forthcoming book GODSEX, Sexual Intimacy and Relationship Transformation works on all levels of the psyche, mind, and soul to awaken, activate, and ignite the divine-human love that lives within the heart of every man and woman. 


Whether you have been in a relationship for years, beginning a new relationship, or expanding your Self to bring into a future relationship, you will learn how to create an intimate partnership that sustains a new way of BEing open and empowered in your Self and with your partner.

Deconstruct Societal, Familial & Ancestral Definitions Of Partnership.

Discover How To Create True Intimacy,
Divine Love & Authentic Connection

Through The Love That You Make, Through The Love That You Give, 

Intimacy and Relationship Transformation provides the tools, healing, and teachings to:


  • Heal core wounds that create distance, pain, denial, sadness, anger, and disconnection in your relationship with your Self and with another.


  • Discover intimacy on a profound new level.


  • Learn how to integrate God and sexuality in your body.

  • Experience erotic, heart-connecting, body and mind healing through unforgettable sex.


  • Step into verbal and non-verbal communication skills that will open and expand your capacity for joy, trust, union, and Self-realization.


Intimacy and Relationship Transformation supports both heterosexual and same-sex orientation individuals and couples and all racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds.


All sessions are always clothes-on and at no time is nudity of any form ever suggested, allowed, or expected.

Dissolve The Barriers to BEing.

Enter Intimacy, In-To-Me-I-See.


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