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What People Are Saying

Iana Lahi teaches and empowers each individual to integrate their genius, creative gifts, heart, soul powers, life force energies, and enlightening consciousness to live as a true co-creator with Infinite Source and life.

Iana’s spiritual and healing mastery facilitates women and men to step into a new paradigm of living Oneness to fulfill what they came into this lifetime to mend, heal, and master to find everyday liberation and freedom.

The following testimonials will give you a sense of what people experience working with Iana or being a student of courses offered by the Spirit Gateways® Institute.


Dr. Kieran Kuykendall

Joshua Mesnik

Barbara Haney Alag
& Sartaj Alag

Eileen Shuchat

Therese Russo

Carrie Michelle

Ceslie Rossi

Joshua Mesnik

Jennifer Milligan

Anna Mancini

Otto Cedeno

Dr. Angela Chen

Barbara Evans

Emma Kahle


“Your work is unlike anything I have ever experienced or known to be possible. I am shimmering in light, and feel illuminated and filled by your healing touch, my heart feels healed.”

The Late Laurance Rockefeller, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist, New York City

“My work with Iana has given me an incredible sense of inner stability. I feel clear, open and in a whole new space. I feel an incredible sense of peace. I can feel deep emotions and not be swept away by them. I am able to find perfection in the imperfection. I am experiencing myself in a new way.  In the past, deep emotions would imbalance me to react in a negative way. From this work, I have a deep foundational peace.”

Barbara Haney Alag, Organizational Development Consultant, McLean, VA

“This work is nothing less than a miracle. If you want rapid and permanent change in your life and in yourself, this is it.”

C.T., Corporate Lawyer, New York City

“Iana Lahi is a real deal messenger of light who is ushering in the new matrix for the planet. She is in a league of her own and beyond what most spiritual teachers are bringing forth. She carries within herself and is fully present to how to shift through the blocks that are holding humanity captive in its own web. Her humanness and compassion are a vital part of her commitment to help uplift each person into who they are, why they are here, and what they have to face and transform to be all that they already decided to accomplish on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You will find her energies amazing, experience profound and rapid growth just by being with her by phone or in her presence. She is holding the vision and the blueprint to move humanity forward for these times.”

Debra K., Organizational Development Consultant, San Jose, CA.

“Before I met Iana, I didn’t know that a human being could live so alarmingly present and deeply embrace all of life. Her abilities to see and know exactly how to give you the breakthrough of your life are incredible. ”

Travis Brown, Spiritual Counselor & Writer, Los Angeles, CA

“Iana’s beauty is born from within. She has a gift of seeing the internal struggles and gently, but firmly, finding a way first to embrace them, and then skillfully moving the blockages out of the way. The work I have done with Iana over the last 10 years has enabled me to connect more fully into who I am and what I have to offer and from that greater sense of my humanity to start to connect more fully with others. I feel the energy of my whole self moving within me  — and on occasions, I experience pure bliss, which is already spilling over into the rest of my life.”

Richard Hews, Executive Life Coach, Groton, Connecticut

"I experienced super-consciousness, an experience of singularity of pure Oneness."

Yesef J. , Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, NYC 

“Iana is an invaluable healer, mentor, and coach. She is able to see into each feeling, relationship, and challenge in a person’s life and, with the utmost respect, give them powerful and sage advice. Iana’s skill and intuition would be a great benefit to anyone at any age, but I think it can be especially poignant in someone’s teen years. At that time energies are maturing and shifting, and cause turmoil in teens. Having someone to help guide this process, and to provide an effective process to healing past emotional turmoil is hugely important, and often missed.


Personally, Iana has lit the path on a journey back to who I am. This sounds esoteric, but the work we have done has made tectonic and tangible shifts in the way I interact with my world. Before working with Iana, I was generally unhappy and downcast, I questioned why I was even on this earth. Iana guided me in turning these energies around and healing the wounds of my past. Truly, I am so thankful for all the work I have been able to do with her.”

Jacob Molloy, High School Student and Global Inspirer, Issaquah, WA


“Iana offers exceptional insight into the energetics that comprise you, along with the ability to work with them at the highest level. She does so with grace, compassion, serenity, and awareness; the result is a unified and lightened sense of being. It’s the feeling of finally taking a big, beautiful breath.”

Dr. Stephanie Marango, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

“Iana guides you to discover the purpose of your soul with clarity and joy and gives you the tools to enter the well-spring of your own power, love, wisdom, and truth so you will live your purpose with integrity and success in every area of your life.”

Ella H., Business Owner, Mercer Island, Washington

“Iana is a massive star—a galaxy of brilliant light who sees the intricate matrix of your life, and is capable of doing anything and everything that will radically shift your life into amazing grace, alignment, and true happiness.”

Tina Campbell, Visionary Healer, Sedona, Arizona

“Iana understands life and the human journey of awakening with illuminating brilliance and love. If you are ready to trust someone to take you from poverty consciousness in your spirit, heart, soul, and bank account into overflowing abundance — work with Iana. If you are ready to let go of your willfulness and your pain and yearn for a connection to the joy and Oneness within you work with Iana. Her gifts are profound and her dedication to your successes in every area of your life is exquisite. Iana Lahi helps you to find God and become your whole self without you even knowing what is happening. If you want to experience real change, this is the place to come.”

Eleana Rabinowitz, Organizational Change Consultant, Huntington Beach, CA

“You are a rare lightworker, as well as an extremely powerful and clear healer and teacher. Your session with me had such a powerful impact on my life, my soul's destiny, and my joy 'center' which I am now feeling so pronounced after my time with you. God bless you for all that you do.”

Sheryl Bloomfield, Intuitive Healer, New Jersey

"Iana can see, feel, and access the light force of healing and do other mind-boggling things that most of us can only dream of. Her spirit is pure and her heart is completely open, balanced, present, and connected."

Jeff Kent, Music Producer & Composer, New York City

“Iana has a gift for being very much like a compass that guides individuals safely into their purpose without being an obstruction.  She honors everyone’s individual expression of Creator and uses her gift to truly help people come into their “own”, rather than to create clones of herself that worship her or that form a following that distracts from what really IS.  This makes her a true teacher/master.”

Melanie R., Project Manager, Washington, D.C.


“I wholeheartedly recommend Iana Lahi’s work. You need to suspend disbelief for a bit to appreciate it. Once you do so, you will be convinced.”

Scott S., Bank Chairman, New York City

“Iana’s life-changing meditations quickly led me to consistently having more energy throughout the day, and being more awake and present in my life. This wakefulness is glorious and wonderful and has brought more power and more focus into every aspect of my life. Iana’s work is truly holistic. It has helped me personally and professionally in so many practical ways. I bring more of myself—heart, mind, and soul to every client I am with, and every corporate/business situation that I am in. I highly recommend Iana as a teacher.”

Mark Riesenberg, Spiritual Business Coach, Springfield, New Jersey

“Iana is Sedona’s best-kept secret.”

Sarah McLean, Hay House Bestselling Author, Soul-Centered, Sedona, AZ

“Iana shows you the way back into your glorious, divinely connected truth, joy, and ultimate happiness. Her work is a gift to the world and deeply needed. Her dedication to your breakthroughs and empowerment is phenomenal.”

Alison Silver, Entrepreneur, Boulder, Colorado

“My session with Iana was tangibly impactful. I feel a freedom to be with my body and everything it feels. I feel the freedom to eat, feel, be affected, trust my intuition, expand into life, and receive and engage with my inner child. The ripple effects of this session have magically been witnessed as I step into a brand new paradigm of my life empowered in joy while watching my career and relationships take new shape around my abundant peace and prosperity.” 

Joshua Mesnik, Actor, Los Angeles, California

“I would like to attempt the near-impossible task of articulating the benefits and impact of my time with you. The purity of your authenticity has just struck me spellbound. Overall, I believe that I am seeing the world through a different lens. 


I feel I have shed the toxicity caused by the pain and disappointment of things from my past and so I am liberated in a very experiential and "new birth" way. I feel integrated with the real me that was originally born into this world, the me that got lost in my ambitions, in my fears, and in my disappointments, in my aloneness and my victimhood. All that is shed and I am here now in the present radiating a vibrant light that I am conscious of again. 


Your methods, your gentleness, your mystical insight, and your unique capacity for "seeing" me, in a way that is beyond my understanding, were the catalyst that made this breakthrough possible and I am very grateful beyond words.  And I am left hoping to have that opportunity again and perhaps in doing so penetrate deeper into the experience of the infinite and perfect presence of Love in a way that both helps me be me, and helps me see my role as "bridge" to others in this lifetime. With my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you Iana for making this possible.”

Don Morrison, Organizational Change Consultant, Toronto, Canada


“The work Iana does with me is self-sustaining and ever-growing; it is not a pill I take to heal an ailment, but rather a rich journey that leads me deeper into myself and higher into (divine) light. Iana's work is deeply intimate and loving — together, we clear out old unhelpful beliefs and patterns and in the process, I discover who it is that I really am.


Our work together has become an anchor through my days. The practices I have established with her help me to more readily see and realize presence and happiness in every moment. 


Iana's work dives deeper than any other work I've done before and has helped me to heal my core wounds by coming into a more intimate relationship with my own true self. I have been able to connect more deeply with the love inside my own being and I see its ripening effects everywhere — in work, in my personal relationships, and in the lessening of my chronic fatigue symptoms.


Iana's work points me back to what truly matters, which has, in turn truly helped me to live a more happy, loving, vital life.”

Therese Russo, NYU Graduate School of Public Service, New York City

“After our first session, I experienced pieces of me that had been fragmented come back into me, and I had no idea they had been missing. I felt a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt a deep feeling of bliss and contentment. I feel more in tune with myself and a profound connection with myself that I have never felt before. In the week after my session, I sold my apartment and I was thrilled to make the difference that I wanted to make with the non-profit I am involved with. My first session with Iana was nothing less than incredible.”

Rachel Claire Ash, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, New York City

"I’ve been on the “spiritual” path since I was 15, meditating diligently every day for more than five decades. I’ve had, what many would call “spiritual” experiences – in meditation and in waking state – more times than I can remember (While my experiences are unusual, they are not unique, nor do I hold myself “special” in any way for having them as these and other “experiences” are possible for all devoted aspirants). Yet, I’ve lived much of the past decade in a state of emotional and mental despair due to major financial and personal disruptions and setbacks; to say it’s tested my faith and trust in God is an understatement.

Working with Iana has been a true blessing in my life. She has helped unravel some very deep family of origin wounds that, despite many years of deeply looking within, have totally eluded me – and, she has provided the framework for how I could see them as sanskaric patterns and helped me set effective emotional and energetic boundaries and grow through them. Equally as important, one of many results of our work together, was my being able to “see” many of my past lives. Now, this is not unusual for me, as I have had these experiences since I was very young. What was totally unique was that Iana helped me see, for the first time, the threads that connected these past lives to my life today, how those sanskaric patterns completely impacted my entire life, and why as a result of my not effectively dealing with them emotionally, not simply intellectually, throughout my life, their impact became more dramatic during these past ten years and has literally brought me to my knees. The split between my egoic self, that I created as a baby to protect me had become so exaggerated that my True Self hardly was able to shine, impacting familial and love relationships, career and business partner choices, as well as a deep feeling of angst and unhappiness underlying my usual upbeat and optimistic personality.

Working diligently with Iana, as well as doing deep emotional healing work every day, finally brought me to a profound internal place where, instead of transcending my thoughts and emotions and thinking that I had reached and was able to maintain a stable state of higher consciousness, I was able to have a full-on body-centered experience of ONEness, a state of super-consciousness with energy moving throughout my body but especially through my heart and up my spine and out of my crown, that until then I had not experienced with such force or momentum. Moving from a rather obvious state of duality to a state of pure consciousness, a place that has been called singularity or unity, even if only for a few moments, was a seminal experience that I will always treasure and aspire to maintain. Iana’s guidance and support, throughout my rather arduous process of personal unfoldment was essential, indeed integral to my progress in working to complete and clear my sanskaric patterns and live my life more fully awakened to the Being that I always knew I was deep inside and through dedicated and persistent effort, could actually be.”

YB., Creative Director, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada


Iana is a miracle worker. I woke up from a “dream” sweating as I witnessed Iana pulling out my fever and the excruciating pain in my body after a 15-hour reaction from my second vaccination. After being in bed for two days, I am able to drive back to my apartment in Manhattan. I am thankful as usual to Iana’s help in my life.”

Sarah F., Teacher, NYC

“Iana Lahi has a very special gift of being able to help people learn how to reach down into the depths of their souls and bring out what needs to be healed in the grief process so that their heart’s suffering can end. Her work helps them to experience true release with resulting inner peace and integration. She embodies an infinite amount of compassion in the witnessing process of letting go.

I have had the privilege of working with Iana during pivotal times in my life across many years, and working with her always supported me to heal and embody deep levels of grief I had to move through in this life. My work with her was profound, and in the process I came to understand more and more who I am as a soul, and to live my life from this place of soul meaning, which has been a priceless gift.

In particular, I remember working with her during a time when I was suffering from a recent break up that had blindsided me and left me devastated. Iana helped me to see the cords that connected my boyfriend and I across lifetimes—and why our connection was so difficult for me to break off from.   

With her expert guidance and deeply compassionate witness, I learned how to uncover the parts of me that were trapped in the past—parts that were wounded, abandoned, alone and forgotten, and so deeply hurt by the one that I loved. Working with Iana, I was able to bring up the pain and not run from it. She held the space so that I could release it in such a way that it would transform and heal me. She helped me see that I had a pattern of love addiction and to understand the familial, archetypal and soul reasons for this pattern. She held such a safe and powerful container with such gentle and unconditionally loving guidance that I was able to process some of the most painful moments of deep mourning I had ever experienced, and come out stronger for it.

Because of the power and support of the grief work that I did with Iana, I was able to not only let him go, but also to understand and let go of past patterns based on my trauma from my childhood that certain men who were karmic connections brought up to be healed.  She helped me to understand the meaning of my connection with all of them, and how to fully let go and heal.

She stayed with me through to the end of this grieving dance—through the opening and releasing process, and into integration and wholeness. She helped me reclaim the parts of myself that I had given away and turned away from because I had been so hurt. Because I was able to mourn and understand my loss in such a powerful archetypal context, I was able to heal completely. I no longer had suffering over the relationship ending, and I was able to change my entire relationship pattern. Now I am able to embody my sexuality in relationship with a loving man in a completely different way.

Iana’s work is magical. An invitation to take a healing journey into your soul that will not only release your heart’s suffering, but ignite you with joy and purpose, and improve the quality of your life and your relationship to yourself and others and to the God of your understanding.”

Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, Dance Therapist, Philadelphia, PA


“Iana has the expertise and mastery to guide anyone through their most challenging life experiences and issues to illuminated and enlightened thinking, feeling, and being. Her commitment to world peace, your peace, your heart, and your purpose of being here in this lifetime is immeasurable. Learn from her, just be with her. She is a rare treasure.”

Darmina B., Administrator Director, San Jose, CA

“Iana helped me to break through my old issues and inner wounds that were suffocating the next levels of my company’s success. I had been stuck, I knew it, and even though I brought along a dozen levels of resistance, Iana guided me through them all into a new level of being myself with greater confidence—while my new financial goals became a reality. Work with Iana, she will change your life.”

Gordon Abrams, Business Consultant, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Before my first session with Iana, I was going through a lot of inner conflicts and fear, my head was in full control mode and I doubted whether I would be able to receive anything from the session, or if it would be even worth doing. Iana was holding me with her love, understanding, and empowering me as well as supporting me. I felt her warmth and care and trusted into her love. The session was an awe of clarity and comfort, of being who I truly am, in trust and safety, being in my own power, which was absolutely supported by her. I have never experienced being so clear and one with my intuition like this before. I felt so accepted and loved without a need to prove anything or be something different, but only to be my absolute self from Source. The steps we made in this session feel like milestones, yet feel soft, flowing, and streaming with what is. So effortless and pure! In equality. Thank you Iana.”

Nancy Schwade, Physical Therapist, Berlin, Germany

“That session was awesome! I feel so much more in touch with my Self. I am so thankful to you...for being who you are in your love, clarity, honesty, fire, and compassion. The work you are doing with me is moving me...into depths into myself, beyond words... beyond known...into truth.”

Robin M., Child Educator, Ashland, Oregon


“I have found a connection to my creative source and self that is bringing me so much success and happiness. The music that I am composing now because of the work we are doing together is a gift of joy to both myself and others. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart.”

Michael H., Composer, Los Angeles, CA

“I believe that miracles can happen overnight, because of you, I am a living testimony.”

A.L. Phillips, Yoga Teacher, New York City

"Working with Iana has been life-changing and game-changing for me. Iana’s compassion, support, incisive telepathic and imaginal guidance, and enormous capacity to awaken the healing power of love during the healing process is boundless, and her guidance into practical processes we can use to solidify and anchor the changes we experience in her work inexhaustible and tremendously effective.   I have never learned/experienced so much about how the soul, mind, and bodywork together to create health, empowerment, and true happiness from any other teacher or experienced healing effects as profound and lasting, as I have working with Iana.  If you are ready to really live and feel your everyday life from a place of embodied wisdom, joy, and power, Iana is your guide!”

Emily Nussdorfer, Founder and Director of Moving Creations, Philadelphia, PA

“If you want to open, awaken and embody your true self — the you that you crave to create your life from in every moment, find and explode your gifts, free yourself from the karmic suffering that you silently carry within you, heal your relationship to the universe, others and God, successfully manifest your gifts into the world while simultaneously creating financial abundance through being in divine alignment with your spiritual Source, work with Iana. Through her trainings, and her one-on-one work, your life will take off, not from superficial ego yearnings and illusions, but from authentic, solid, ancient, and progressive pure wisdom applied for your evolution and personal happiness. You will understand why you are here, how to love your self and step into knowing true fulfillment. Iana is the blessing. She walks her talk and is a rare gift on earth.”

Kyle Daniels, Business Entrepreneur, Santa Monica, CA

“A session with Iana is like having an incredible massage on the inside. She has helped me open to the river of life within me. All of my anxiety, self-sabotage, and depression has completely lifted for the first time in my life and has not come back.”

Stephen M., Investment Broker, San Francisco, CA

“You are a gift to this world and the answer to the longing in my soul! I have had several breakthroughs already within the last three days. The entire dynamic of our band has changed within days. Thanks again for kick-starting my battery and reminding me of where my core is.  I was run down and you breathed life into me. I give thanks to the universe for the blessing of you in my life.”

Jason C., Songwriter and Musician, New York City


“Iana is one of those rare beings who is directly connected to the Light and can pinpoint and bring to consciousness what lies in darkness. She has an amazing ability to bring in the perfect words and ideas to bring your dreams into form. Iana was able to brand my project, come up with the name and mission statement after only two conversations. Iana has the ability to see the big picture and then download the universal wisdom and practical business details to birth a brand and develop it into fruition. Iana bridges the worlds of spiritual insight and business brilliance from a beautiful and authentic wholeness that takes into consideration all that you want to be and give to the world. Iana is a genius of creativity and vision.”

Marinda K, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

"I feel whole for the first time in my life….focused, clear, and inspired to create and manifest my life. My inner sight completely opened during our session together lifting the fog from my mind and vision. I feel fully here, alive, and expanded into my awakened self.”

G.G., Architect and Designer, Sausalito, California

“During our session, I felt a wave of purple and gold light that contoured my entire body. I felt connected with what felt like the true me that I have been disconnected from my entire life. It felt incredible to be embraced in the internal power that was steady, subtle, and soft, and a very different power than an external false power. To meet my True Self feels like a relief. I can feel the expansion of my authentic spiritual nature and stay in my Self.  I was able to move into the resonance of my heart, and to experience a new level of clarity, and felt settled, beyond words into simplicity and ease. In this new space, it feels natural to BE, free from past consuming thoughts. The purity that I felt took the place of all of the patterns that have controlled me throughout my life.  I have never been able to access the natural wholeness of my Self before. I am en route to BEing One with my Self, as I let go of how I have held things together in myself.  A new beginning of my life is here thanks to you.”

Martin V., CEO/Project Director, New York City

“I began working with Iana after experiencing burn out in my profession. My health was suffering, I was losing my marriage and I was depressed. I have everything materially that a person could want—wonderful children, a magnificent home, and a yearly eight-digit income. I had literally hit the ceiling of my life. I had compartmentalized each aspect of my life and had separated it into segments of emptiness that I filled with food, mechanical sex, and numbness.

Iana is a remarkably gifted mentor and deeply dedicated to a person’s complete happiness, success, and giving the tangible experience of becoming whole and spiritually connected to who they really are. How she works is miraculous. My relationship with my wife took a total turnaround for the better, my business significantly took off again, health-issues resolved and I learned what love and sexuality were meant to be. Iana helped me to rebrand, recreate, and step into my business from being my True Self. How I approached my clients and ran my company, were elevated.

I learned so many things each time we worked together. Iana’s patience and perseverance in helping you to build a new structure for your life, business, and relationships from the inside out is remarkable. We were consistently integrating into every aspect of my life the new power and clarity that I experienced through our healing work together. I left my fears behind, built a much-needed new self-confidence, worked through deeply embedded anger, blame, resentment, and pain that were all blocking me from achieving new financial successes, relationship, and personal happiness.

I began feeling connected to my True Self for the first time in my life. I had to face some inner stuff first that I had conveniently pushed down to “succeed” and had begun to create havoc in my life, but I trusted her completely—as she promised me, I would step into life being who I really am.

The world is in crisis—it will bring up your inner crisis. If you really want to experience who you really are, and feel healed and whole —this work will give you more than you can imagine. Call Iana, she knows how to guide you, because she sees you for who you really are and her work is masterful. If you want to be the person that you came into this life to be, and touch others and uplift the world—trust—Iana will take you there.”

 J.R., Financial Advisor, Boston, MA


“Iana brings her passion for unveiling and reuniting our most sacred and powerful expressions of our Whole Self. If you are willing to give your Self the ticket to success, yet feel unsure if this will work for you or not, jump in. Iana understands the masculine-feminine psyche and heart, and makes sure that your goals, dreams, and power to love and experience true success are unleashed and realized.”

Keith Edwards, Financial Consultant, Writer, London, England

“Thank you, Iana, for being such a positive and nurturing woman in my life. Your work has created a new level of being for me in which I am walking with complete assurance that I am being divinely guided, placed, and taken care of.  It is as if I am riding the crest of a wave higher than ever before, moving forward with beautiful conviction, grace, and surrender.”  

Elizabeth Winters, Organizational Development Consultant, Marin, CA

“Iana shows up in the most profound and real way to help people to become One with their Whole Self, and experience living every facet of their life from being tuned in, connected up, and in with what makes them to be the best version of themselves. She is a rare visionary guide and leader for these times. Jump in to receive the practical nectar of enlightenment that she has to give you.”

Lewis Marciano, Consultant, Teacher, Writer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I have been working diligently for 12 years to succeed in my career as a singer-songwriter-performance artist. Each time I had a success with my music, soon after I would fall down the mountain of my efforts, into a deeper abyss. I hit the ceiling in my career, was making poor business decisions, and my relationship with my partner had ended. I knew I was stuck and I felt frustrated. My talent alone was no longer enough. Within a few months of working with Iana, I began to see life responding to me in a new way. She helped me to finally heal and transform deep issues that were blocking my next levels of success, and I began to experience what she said would happen through our work together. As I aligned into my higher Self, I could feel and see how the universe was opening the doors for me to be in life in a powerful and successful way. I am deeply grateful to you Iana.”

E. W., Performance and Recording Artist, Grammy Award Winner, Los Angeles

“A few weeks ago I did my first “One in Soul” session with Iana. I feel so much clearer, happier, healthier—this work is life-changing. I am recalibrated physically. I now sleep normally after not sleeping for years. You will be happy to hear, I experienced the most deep and sweet dreamless night of sleep, the night of our session that I’ve had in years.

You have helped me beyond measure. I am much calmer, more at peace, and my relationship with myself continues to grow. Emotionally, I rarely have anger brewing in my mind or heart. My reunion with myself is a walk down lover’s lane. Everything from our session weeks ago continues to widen and deepen. Mentally, I am softer and far less judgmental. I can listen to myself, and others better. There is more mental relaxation and calmness, and much more positive thinking. The negative thinking has just disappeared. Spiritually,

I have gone from feeling split to having inner experiences of union with God. Spiritual floodgates have opened revealing universal experiences in every aspect of my Self. Every day there is a transformation in my thinking and feeling that is ongoing. Who am I now, that I AM not split, I ask myself? I discover that I can move forward spiritually as fast as I want now. There is no suitcase left in any forgotten closest. I have become a one-focused BEING able to catch orbital universal forces that are propelling me into new expansions of awareness. 

My commitment has been to BE One with God and less and less of my limited ego-self, and I feel embraced by a profound presence that is the true me, the true self integrating in my heart. This work has catapulted me home to myself. All my life, I have been my worst enemy, and I have finally stopped resisting BEing. God is everything. Thank you Iana for helping me to find and live in my Whole Self.”

Marianne Ashelman, Earthkeeper@Meherana, Mariposa, California


“Iana helps people to know their truth and to expand upon it to craft and design their divine-human experience. You have saved my relationship with my girlfriend. We couldn’t have made it through without you. You are a light for us. You are teaching us how-to die into the love that we have always wanted.”

Stephen Evans, Sound Engineer, Thousand Oaks, California

“Iana guided my husband, and myself to see what we had to do as a couple to help our five-year-old son. She helped us to successfully walk down the road of being intact in body, mind, and soul to deal with our son’s emotional fragmentations, acting out, and fears. Her ability to bring healing to our son was remarkable. Iana is amazing at seeing exactly what the soul and spiritual lessons are for each member of the family, and to create bridges of love with an impeccable feel for the good of everyone involved. She establishes a new working model for breakthroughs with the toughest and most complicated issues that families can have. Her love, strength, compassion, and ability to create trust for each family member to take responsibility for their own growth is remarkable. She turned a crisis situation into a learning experience for all involved supporting each person to walk through the doorway of their own heart.”

Sarah K., English Teacher, New York City

"My healing session with Iana was the most powerful healing experience I've ever had. I felt opened in exuberant light energy and felt beings of light and angels all around me. I felt connected to my essence and was able to release and heal childhood/infant trama. She is an amazing channel of light as I felt light energy pouring into me. After our session, I drove to my friend's house who at the time was watching my two small children and when I got there she said, “Oh my God, what happened to you?” She immediately took my hand, and led me to the bathroom, and said, “Look in the mirror.” So I did, and I was awestruck and amazed at what I saw. I was beaming and glowing like a light being! Without a doubt, Iana is truly a clear and pure channel of Divine Love and Light."

Christine Leahy, Artist & Interior Designer, Carolina Beach, North Carolina

“Before I began working with Iana, I was caught up in succeeding through fulfilling my fears. I never felt enough or worthy of love or money, yet my whole life revolved around wanting and getting it all, which I did. During that time period of 30 years, I had millions in the bank, yet felt empty and alone on in the inside. Iana’s patience, brilliance, and talent cannot be put into words. I had become stuck and fixated on getting my needs met of how I wanted them to be met. As Iana helped me to see, I was in the world from being my false Self. It took a lot for me to begin to trust the “real self” within me that I began to discover with her help. He was totally different than the persona I had taken on to make it in the world. I am a man, who had been sexually abused from the ages of 9-14, and with her help, I have been able to come back to myself, and to realize who I am, and to discover how I can better serve the world. I came to Iana to discover my life purpose, and what I discovered was my True Self.”

R.T., Financial Consultant, Raleigh, North Carolina


“Within the first two minutes of my free consultation with Iana she “read” my core issues, and said them in one sentence. I have worked with many healers and metaphysical teachers, but Iana is the first one who puts it all together. I have been 180 lbs. overweight since I was sexually abused five years ago, and within one month of working with Iana by-phone, I have cut my food intake in-half and we haven’t begun to discuss my diet, which she promised would come after we made a lot of the inner shifts. Her work with me is absolutely incredible. My relationship with my mother is transforming just by the shifts that I am making. Within the last two weeks, I have gone from being broke and having few clients, to being completely booked every single day and therapists asking if they could work for me. I am setting better boundaries with my boyfriend and feel that I am going to achieve my goals of being financially, physically, and emotionally strong, empowered, and successful!”

Lisa M., Wellness Spa Owner, Tucson, Arizona

"Iana instantly recognized and helped me integrate the light that was emerging from within me.  As a result, after my session, treatments with my own clients deepened significantly, and I was able to in turn hold a greater space for their healing journeys, as well as my own.”

Lucien Renjilian-Burgy, Massage Therapist, Boulder, Colorado

“Iana has the ability to guide miraculous changes in the most subtle and powerful way, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. In each session, we make phenomenal breakthroughs that are giving me back my whole and complete self. Iana brings you home to your self with mastery, love, and dedication.”

Rita Gendelman, Occupational Therapist, New York City

“Our phone and in-person work together has removed the veils separating my physical and spiritual selves, creating a reassuring unity with the Creator. The template of energy that supports my body has been restored and deep harmony emerges filling my mind, body, and soul. I want to thank you deeply from the heart for your priceless help and professional healing work.”

Clara Morgan, Art and Yoga Teacher, Newport, Rhode Island

"Iana’s work empowers individual expansion and growth into profound levels of awareness. Contact with Iana has taught me the direct experience of unconditional love, integrity, and grace. Her work has been a total blessing in my life."

Dawn Close, Photographer/Master Printer/Teacher, New York City

"With your help, I have opened to a new level. I can see without eyes, I can hear without ears. I can live in truth. I can enjoy the earth on a new level. Thank you."

Dr. Helene Dillard, Cornell University Associate Dean and Dept. Director, Ithaca, New York


“Iana’s fierce commitment to truly being with my process has enabled me to develop my confidence, my intuitive response to my internal longings, and gain greater awareness and connection to those gifts that I hadn’t been conscious of.  She is helping me to see myself, and the whole of myself. I am progressively aligning my life with who I am, following my internal guidance, taking chances, and trusting in spite of uncertainty. I am witnessing myself becoming exactly who I am.”

Tahisha Mayfield, Systems Analyst, Alexandria, VA

“Working with you has changed my entire life. I had no idea that you would help me with every aspect of my life. Even my mother has been very loving and supportive.  You know, she has completely changed.  Or maybe I have changed?  All I know is that she has treated me differently since we had the session with the Akashic Record Keeper.  My relationship with her has never been better.  You are amazing. Thank you for being there so completely.”

Rebecca W., Public Relations Consultant, Vancouver, Canada

“Iana’s work has helped me to transform myself from the inside out. Light fills my heart center and solar plexus and makes me feel totally alive inside. I am beginning to feel fully connected to myself and grounded in my body. I have new friends, a new job offer, and a new wardrobe to match the new me that has been birthed through our work together. I feel fantastic. The life in me is living now. I look forward to further mentoring and training with you in the years to come.”

Laurie M., Technology Consultant, Washington D.C.

“Iana Lahi has the ability to release, remove, transmute, energize, facilitate, initiate, guide, and awaken change by creating a connection to the truth and wholeness within you. During my session with Iana, I saw many colors and when I opened my eyes several times, the room and I were infused with a bright white light, which changed to a gold and then an aqua-green. Iana's deep caring, compassion, and love was felt as a billowy cloud enveloping me in nurturing protection. It is an honor and pleasure to have received your blessings! Much gratitude to you and your amazing work!”

MaryAnn P., Real Estate Broker, New Jersey

“I am exhilarated in my body in a whole new way. Lifeforce and I have become one. I understand sexuality and love from within in a whole new way. A constant ray of light is touching my body and giving me love and is melting away the discomforts and shadows that have previously blocked me from being one in myself. I am in an ocean of bliss that I have found because of what you have helped me find within myself, Iana. This is miraculous work. Thank you.”

Cassandra M., TV Producer and Consultant, New York City

“With her gentle, kind, and passionate approach, Iana guided me to realize, honor, and trust my own inner power and God beauty. Iana lovingly gave me the tools to make a profound and integrated spiritual shift. I felt held in the space of the divine allowing the blossoming of who I AM to emerge. Within no time at all, I shifted into feeling blessed and embodied into a new level of divine sexual and creative presence that I have longed to feel my whole life. Know that Iana will support and serve your journey of empowerment and awakening with unconditional love and mastery of being.”

Liliya Elizarraraz, Energy Healer and Massage Therapist, Los Angeles, CA


“Iana knows the inner pulse of what creates a strong and lasting love relationship. In our work with Iana, she helped us to rediscover our original connection and to understand it’s significance, and then to move us into a dynamic, loving, and incredibly fulfilling new relationship that had the power to carry us through the trials and challenges of our life. Iana initiates and guides your relationship into its highest expression of love in practical and spiritually profound ways, and stands beside you as you leave your past behind, and step into the beauty and light of who you really are as a couple with joy, and new commitment.”

David & Elizabeth Callahan, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“I had my first whole body orgasm while working with Iana. I asked her if she would help me learn how to go inside my energy bodies and tap the sexual light within myself. She instructed me how to move my own life force energies through my body without ever placing a hand on my own body. Iana never physically touched me to get the energies moving. She was there in her own grace, light and love and opened the door to a world that I never knew existed. Now, years later, I am coaching men and women to discover and open to their sexuality and learn how to hold sacred space for being in love. I never dreamt this would become my life work. I have been a successful entrepreneurial businessman for the last 20 years. I have recently found the love of my life and am now in an earth moving loving relationship. Thank you Iana!”

Robert B., Southampton, New York

“All of the old stuff that I was carrying was dissolved. My relationship with my husband has totally shifted. The negativities between us left, and love took its place. All of the shifts needed to transform our marriage happened. The work I am doing with Iana is amazing.”

Patricia Stevens, Psychologist, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“I experienced super consciousness—a singularity of pure Oneness.”

Gary R., Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Filmmaker, New York City

“Iana understands the male and female heart. New to the idea of recreating my relationship to money, business, and my role as a man in my family and marriage through facing how I had used sexuality to hide behind my fears and self-doubts, it took me a while to want to let go of my sex addictions. Through Iana’s patience, love, and skill, I began to heal my torn, and wounded inner masculine. My work with Iana helped me to deconstruct my old Self with true compassion, and recreate my life step-by-step with awareness into feeling a unified success that my heart had been yearning for—for many decades. If you want to find your life purpose, live it, and succeed at a new level financially, trust Iana’s mastery understanding of healing your relationship with your body, sexuality and soul, and journey upward into greater joy.”

Kevin Feinstein, Chicago, Illinois

“Iana is the ultimate spiritual psychologist, doctor of the soul, seer, business advisor, wise woman, creative genius, healer, coach, mentor, spiritual teacher, shaman, mystic, and awakened presence to give the results needed to succeed in the human experience called life.”

Jeffrey Talbot, Film and Video Director, Houston, Texas

“The training with Iana made it possible to come back to my true, authentic self and helped me to understand how I am the power of creation. I learned how to be at one with myself. This experience is what my higher self has been calling me to do forever!”

Diana Keck, San Francisco, California


“I was afraid going into my meeting with Iana, not of her, but of my own assumptions concerning the viability of my idea. Since I was a child, I have always loved theatre arts and over the years of learning acting techniques, I was able to heal my own traumas and gained an enormous amount of self-knowledge and self-discovery that I wished to share with others — but I had no plan as to “how” I would do this. For all of my life, theater and the arts have been a hobby and not a service that could provide a livelihood for me. I assumed that it couldn’t.

From the moment we started, Iana had me physically relax and become aware of where my power was coming from. During our meeting, she asked the right questions that led me to organize my own personal inventory of experience, and soon the “hows” were emerging. After only a few hours, I felt that I had something solid to work with and something that would not be merely a hobby for my own enjoyment, but something that would work for my community as well and build into a business. The next day she e-mailed her notes along with more insights of her own.

From a business standpoint, I believe, Iana’s approach is in line with a new paradigm of operating from one’s own heart. Having had two product manufacturing businesses, I was unfulfilled by the models emphasizing profit over everything else. I sold one business and let go of the other because competition and exploitation are not in my nature and Iana has helped me to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. We began to create the structure for my program within our first consultation and accomplished a solid foundation for me to not only brand my product, but take the steps to birth my new business. Iana’s skills are helping me to create the world in which I will succeed. If you are ready to step through your fears and walk through the door of your dreams, work with Iana.”

Christie Peterson, Founder of Vishuddi, Mariposa, California

"The morning after my first session with Iana, I was meditating and knew I was a person of spirit. Instead of darkness, I pulsed inside with incredible lights from one end to the other: pinks, mauves, silvers, ivories."

Gail Morgan, Writer and Editor, New Jersey

“This work is completely on target. It addresses the core issues of my life that have caused me so much suffering and pain. It is giving me dramatically powerful, direct and effective results. I have been seeking a way to heal myself for 15 years and find a way to be in my body, heart, and soul at the same time. In our first session, an invisible force came through my body that continued to increase for weeks on end. Even by phone, Iana’s power is so strong that I could feel an energy force that felt like I was being electrocuted but actually worked to dissolve, heal, mend and realign my whole self. I am waking up to life.”

Robert Kent, Engineer, Huntley, VA

“I feel the most profound gift our work together gave me was you "getting" my need for space-and-presence and offering that to me — more clearly and strongly than I have ever experienced in my life. That, in itself, was a healing moment for me; it helped me to honor and accept myself in a new way. I continue to feel wowed by you and that shift, and deeply moved and grateful for what you have given me and model for me.”  

Joseph DiCenso, Social Justice, Leadership and Executive Coach, Chester, MA

“After our first session I felt completely different. My entire life has continued to change in astounding ways. I have complete clarity of the life that I want to have. I am ready to lead from this new calm. I feel free. For the first time, I know in my body what compassion and love really feel like. I can trust the love within me now. I know what I want. I am in forward motion.”

Simone Richardson, Management Consultant, New York City

“Thank you again for today's beautiful session — truly beautiful. I really feel like I'm beginning to move out of the old and into the new. Today I felt a new sense of freedom beginning. A shift happening. 

I love working with you. I love just speaking to you. You are a blessed combination for me of healer and mentor, friend and confidante, and then something more.  Something I can't quite put my finger on.  But it's as if there is a special kind of knowing between us. A knowing and an understanding that I have never experienced with anyone else. For all of this I am so grateful to have you in my life.

And thank you for building such strong protection around me.  I will focus on that when I feel moments of weakness. I will remember that I am protected. When you cleared the toxic emotions out of me, the energies from my past that no longer serve me, I began to feel my heart open like never before and I felt much lighter. Thank you Iana.”

Shawna Greenberg, Artist and Entrepreneur, Cincinnati, Ohio


“You have a microscope into my heart. I know that it is possible to fully succeed with my creative and life work because of your amazing insights and support.”

Ben M., Writer & Composer, Santa Monica, CA

“After three weeks of working with Iana by phone, our son experienced a remarkable turnaround.  His eyes once again shone with the joy of living and he returned to school with a renewed spirit. Iana later visited us for an intensive weekend of energy healing, a magical and sacred time for our family. I will be eternally grateful to Iana for her healing wisdom.”

A.L., Denver, Colorado

“Iana Lahi is a masterful spiritual mentor who carries the 21st-century blueprint for healing ourselves and the world.”

Ellen Mackenson, Artist, Barcelona, Spain

“Iana will open the doors for you to experience who you are through becoming whole and One with your sexuality.  Your life will change. Your greatest fears become the doorway to the love within you. Your greatest battles are resolved in this training.”

Ingrid Schlesser, Investment Advisor, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Opening my heart, feeling my feelings, surrendering to the currents of love in my body have been a life long struggle in my relationships. Enter the world of sexuality as a divine reunion with your longing to be loved and to love. One of the most beautiful and meaningful trainings I have ever been to. Life has opened.”

Lawrence Abrams, Attorney, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“If you have ever considered that divine joy is your natural state of BEing, and that somehow your finances, creative flow, spiritual connection and harmony with life are connected to your sexual wholeness and integration—trust and make the leap into Iana’s masterful experience of remembering freedom and the power you were born to live.”

Evelyn Adams, Innovative Designer & Architect, Rome, Italy


“You have helped our relationship transform to a whole new level. Our communication and love has soared thanks to you. I feel clear, connected, and in touch with my feminine wisdom in a whole new way. My partner is responding to my shifts and changes with complete enthusiasm. There is an ocean of wisdom and joy that is opening in my body that I have never experienced in my life.”

Rhianna Houston, PR, and Marketing Consultant, Brooklyn, New York

“After my second phone session with Iana, I had two miracles happen in one week. I received a $1,000,000 loan from my bank to repair and build my business and a client pre-paid my company $250,000 for our services for the next six months. Iana said we would realign and clear my energies so my highest potential and global mission could integrate — sure enough it is happening right before my eyes!”

Christina G., President and CEO, Marin County, California

“Iana’s work delves into the depths of all healing whether it is spiritual, creative, sexual, emotional, or physical. Whatever you are seeking can be found in this profound, pure, and beautiful work! Thank you again Iana!”

Ashley McKenna, La Jolla, CA

"I began working with Iana shortly after the death of my husband Bob. Iana’s insights into grief, spirituality, and the core of life were affirming and extremely helpful in making the transition from life with my best friend and partner to one without him. Iana’s profound ability to create a deep connection and feeling of safety and acceptance was a complete gift, even by phone.”

Roberta A., CEO, Chevy Chase, Maryland

“I am learning how to explore all of the relationships in my life in a new way because I have found a new way of being in relationship to myself. This is exciting, empowering, and fun! Thank you!”

Evan R., Film Producer, San Diego, California

“I have tried so many approaches to healing with limited results, and I have wondered if I would ever break through the box I have lived in, and succeed financially. My life has been a battle with making money, and then not making money. Until working with you, Iana, I have not been able to manage my company as I have wanted to, lead as I envisioned I could lead, and to know who I am. Our work together has exceeded my wildest dreams of what was possible, and for the first time in my life, I can trust the “I” that I have found in our work together. My life is finally awakening and opening into the life that I came here to live with tangible and consistent results. Your work is amazing, Iana. Thank you.”

Kevin C., Business Consultant, Seattle, WA


“I haven’t thought about going on anti-depressants since we first met and worked together. It is not even a thought. In one session, the massive knot that was in me disappeared. I am so grateful. For the last seven years, I have needed medication and I have tried them all, and I came to you for a miracle. Our session was incredible. I felt tired afterward and felt feverish for a few hours, and the next day I felt a presence of energy that I have never felt before. I had a new sensation that filled my body on the day after the session. I saw my true inner self first as a toddler and a little girl, then she grew into a teenager and then grew into a huge woman, like a giant. I began to grow into myself and since this opening, I have a sense of confidence and a sense of self for the first time in my life. Now that I have my self, I am learning how to live my life in a powerful new way. This is not new age mumbo jumbo. Everyone needs a real guru to be able to ascertain their own unique and personal situation and to help you move forward. This is the real thing.”

Rebecca Andrews, Entrepreneur, New York City

“I walked away from our session completely transformed. I had been struggling for many months to understand what the Universe (my whole Self) was attempting to show me. After our session, I continued to experience very clear meditations, which brought about more certainty and clarity about what path would bring me into alignment with my higher Self. I feel such enormous gratitude! Iana’s work is profound!

Kelly Anclien, Real Estate Broker, New Jersey

“Iana knew before the doctors what was going on in my body and how I could heal the growth on my pancreas. She told me from the start that the mass was not cancerous and described what it looked like to me and what I needed to do to heal this. She described it exactly as the doctors saw it in the third CATscan. Her work is miraculous.”

Marilyn D., Executive Assistant, Brooklyn, New York

“Iana led me on a journey made in heaven to a place so deep inside my soul I didn’t even know existed. After our first phone session, I felt as if I knew myself on a soul level. Three weeks later the tests my doctor ran could find no trace of cervical cancer, which had originally led me to Iana. This is the kind of healing that makes a difference in the world.”

Carolyn Neill, Bodyworker/Healer, Carlsbad, California

“Iana has been gifted with the divine ability to see exactly where, why, and what needs to be cleared in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. She removes the energies that cause physical illness, the energies that make us feel like we are not living the right life, and the energies that stop us from moving forward in the life God has planned for us. She helps people see clearly again and allows one’s spirit to completely shine as it was meant to shine. Iana is one of the handful of healers on the planet today leading the way into true awakening and pioneering a new planetary healing. Her work will change your life.”

Mary T., Technology Sales Consultant, New Jersey

“The veil of my mysterious illness that no doctor could find a cure for was lifted after just one session with Iana Lahi. I am so very grateful to her and thankful for her remarkable insights and gifts in healing. Iana had not only healed my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but she also led me on a journey to understand my heart and soul and body in a more spiritual way and guided me on a path of continued healing of myself which I can now renew each and every day.”

Claude A., Business Owner, Princeton, New Jersey


“Iana taught me several meditation techniques, each with a different purpose, and all extremely effective and enjoyable. For many years now I’ve been using her techniques to help me heal physically, to cope with the pain associated with chronic illnesses, and to help me heal deep emotional wounds and traumas. I find her techniques immediate soothe and ground me, bring me back to my center, and help me to both discover and resolve the many layers of my past. The only thing better than me using Iana’s techniques are when Iana talks and guides me through them herself with her beautifully comforting voice.”

Eileen Shuchat, The Paleo Potter, Toronto, Canada

“My work with Iana healed my physical body as well as my soul. In a month’s time, I escaped the threatening darkness of suicide and welcomed my eternal light to shine once more. Iana’s work granted me the greatest gift of all, the gift of empowerment. I am eternally grateful to her and will sing her praises to all of the troubled, depressed, and sick.”

P.L., Pittsburgh, PA

“No one has ever honored me like you do, Iana! Within 2 or 3 minutes of our work together I made monumental life breakthroughs that years of coaching and therapy could not accomplish.”

Sam L., Architect, Cambridge, MA.

“I highly recommend working with Iana. You will feel lighter, clearer, sharper, and more full of joy and life as a result of working with Iana.”

Stephanie S., Actress and Bikram Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“Iana has the ability to have direct portal connection to any planet, earth, or interdimensional vortex just by sitting in one spot. Her gifts to heal, transform, and channel truth are extraordinary.”

Andrea Baranca, Business Owner, New Haven, CT

“The difference between Iana and other healing therapies I’ve pursued is she successfully clears the core energies of the issues that were creating the difficulties in my life and then teaches how to maintain the new body-mind-soul connections given. I feel so light and free! I am actually glowing in each moment of life now!”

Laura A., Business Consultant and Mother, Freehold, New Jersey


“I feel total joy, a feeling of exuberant energy, a new vibrancy, and the ability to follow through with my creative projects. My relationships with my family, friends, and professional peers have transformed into honest, powerful, and positive interactions. The creative leader that I am is emerging and my work is better than ever. I am inspired to open up to what is really happening in my life and so grateful to you for helping me make this shift.”

David J., Screenwriter, New York City

“I feel awakened and grounded by your exponential abilities. I had tears of comfort as you helped me bring together parts of myself that I needed in order to move my life forward in joyful independence. You gave me so much faith and trust that I am supported by the universe and can feel that my dreams are possible! I am fully present to the exhilaration of my next step now — what a child-like moment to have that — it really awakens the blood, enriching every cell in my body to create such happiness. Thank you so much.”

Isaac O., Make-Up Artist, New York City

“ I feel like the compassionate warrior — open and connected. Usually, I feel closed in within my body and contracted in my chest and afraid in the world. Now, I feel a strong stability from my heart center into the ground. I feel that I can make the right decisions for my life that come from an unstoppable expansion into my Self. I found the key to being one in myself through our work together. I feel like a strong mountain who comes from the earth and can emanate the power of love. For the first time, I have found “my vibration.  ”

Hamano L., Musician, and Artist, Tokyo, Japan

“When working with Iana, I began to have realizations that led me to a place of Serenity and the cultivation of a profound relationship with God/Quantum Field/Infinity, or whatever you choose to call it, that has given me the Love Found Within Self that had been missing for decades. This relationship continues to provide me the real substance of Life. I encourage all to not hold back, work with Iana, take the leap of courage, and discover who you really are. This is the work that brings you into direct connection with your own unlimited power, vision, mastery, and truth by sourcing what is within you.”

Rick Ward, Entrepreneur and Sales Consultant, Fairfax, Virginia 

“Through your help, I have discovered the core of myself self and after suffering for 12 years with what was labeled an incurable disease, I am healing. Thank you for showing me the way to health and happiness beyond what I could hope for. I am shining light into myself every day and on to the part of myself that first appeared as an “old hag.” I have renamed her my ancient one. She is my ancient soul. My ancient healer. My ancient wisdom. Thank you for helping me find the way to the real me.”

Alison M., Artist, Chef and Author, Montreal, Canada


“Thank you so much for our session today. It was really profound. I was so sick this morning and after the releasing work you did my cold is practically gone. Ready for spring and enjoying this beautiful planet in radiant health. I love you and deeply value our work together.”

Tina Lindsey, Designer, Sacramento, CA

"Iana is a brilliant lantern at the door-illuminating both inner and outer realities."

Dr. Katharine More, Ayurvedic and Chiropractic Physician, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“Iana goes directly to the core issues — moving you right from your heart.”

Patti Pace, Yoga Teacher, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“Iana Lahi is a tremendously gifted healer who is able to reach a person on many levels...She is truly a medicine woman for the 21st century."

Katherine Scherer, Computer Education Specialist, Katonah, New York

“Our work is healing my body. I am moved to tears. I could feel my whole body begin to vibrate. I could feel my heart opening and the divine moving through me. I have been ill for 20 years and I know now that I can heal.”

Marisa L., Artist, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The movements themselves open up your body and soul to your true self. Iana’s work opens the heart to remember the soul.”

Bonnie Breece, Holistic Health Practitioner, San Diego, California


“Never before was I facilitated with such finesse — stretched, but never stressed. I experienced a major breakthrough opening in our first session.”

Mike Smitley, Writer, San Diego, California

“Iana’s healing work is extraordinarily deep and powerful. She is one of the most beautiful medicine women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Iana, where you go, I shall follow.”

Susan Catherine Collyer, Actress & Writer, Rhode Island

“Thanks to Iana, I now see myself as a beautiful creator in the magnificent creative process of life. Iana offers the map to the treasure within each of us, that once discovered, we can unfold out into the world.”

Emily Nussdorfer, Founder and Director of Moving Creations, Philadelphia, PA

“I have been able to source my own happiness and power for the first time. I have always needed to be validated by women and since beginning the work with Iana I have been able to focus on my own true self. I am able to focus and find greater compassion to love and accept myself. I have felt a greater calm and a presence within myself that I have never felt. I can now source my own energy and positivity. People are attracted to my light now from all of the work that I have been doing with Iana.”

Stewart L., M.D., Chevy Chase, MD

“I was drawn to work with Iana to help me find clarity and my new direction in life. Our work cleansed me through my past lives and through this one with deep compassion, skill, and love. I am now ready to do what I was sent here to do. I am ready to move mountains. Thank you for opening your door to me with such presence and care.”

Darlene S, Hair and Make-Up Artist, New Jersey

“I would like to thank you for guiding me how to reconnect the pathways into my True Self. I know I am healing, and I am learning so much from you, Iana. When I first began working with you I did not know who I was. You have helped me to find myself and to become One. What makes you special is that you bring the gifts of healing from the spiritual worlds into your work with others. Your vast toolbox of healing wisdom work and you live what you teach. You really care and understand what it takes to truly heal, not by treating the symptoms, but by getting to the real cause. For six years I tried everything, and as I was about to give up until you came into my life. Thank you Iana for bringing me back to me, and helping me to be whole from within.”

Nathan Drew, University Student, Fort Collins, Colorado


“I had been suffering from back pain for years besides having chronic depression when I came to see you. I am still amazed that after the three-hour healing session we had together last month, all the pain has gone away and I can physically feel the expansion and deep healing that is happening in my body every day since then. I now understand the cause of my depression and the meditation you gave me to do is helping me break through my years of suffering. I can’t thank you enough!”

Barbara P., Visual Artist, New York City

“The phone sessions we had together affected me in profound ways that continue to unfold. Being someone who has spent years deeply immersed in the pursuit of spiritual healing and enlightenment, I was frustrated and baffled to find myself at an impasse. By the time you came along, I was in crisis…soul weary and in danger of losing my home. It is not possible to convey adequately how moving and transformative your healing assistance has been. Within two weeks of working with you, I found a new job after being unemployed for months. Thank you for helping me to restore my life and find my whole self!”

Christi L., Interior Designer, Hoboken, New Jersey

“Your work brings me into an even higher state of connection than my Reiki I, II, and III initiations. Each time we do a session together, I grow into a deeper and more profound alignment in myself. This work heals the physical and spiritual at the same time. I feel like I can walk in the right direction of my life now because your work is aligning me to my true power. My life is changing in consistent and amazing ways. Thank you for guiding the way!”

Mahia T., Business Owner, Charlottesville, Virginia

“Since we have worked together, every aspect of my life has been transformed. I feel more open. My whole life as changed. I feel more confident and positive. My body has healed. My money flow has opened and I feel free. People see the difference in me. Thank you for all that you have done for me.”

Peter L., Product Developer, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Iana stepped into our lives during a very difficult time in our family. Our son who was a senior in high school at the time had written us a suicide and good-bye letter. A star athlete and top student, we were shocked to realize the depth of his pain and heartache. We found Iana, and flew her out to work with our son. After three days he was a new person, and they continued working one-on-one together once a week for the next two years as a way to help him step into full confidence, healing, and health. Now, ten years later, our son has become a success financial consultant and is a beacon of love, compassion, and service to the community. Our prayers were answered. We can’t thank you enough Iana.”

Confidentiality honored upon request

“I saw you in my dream.

You dressed me in a magnificent and empowering purple robe.

You initiated me as you put the robe on me.

I was wearing soft and flowing clothing underneath the robe.

It was really beautiful.

I could feel my Self come alive in a whole new way.”

Susanna Feldman, Life Coach, Tel Aviv, Israel


“Iana is a breath of fresh air. She speaks the truth in a profoundly insightful way. She guides and teaches, always honestly, and with the necessary balance of compassion and realism. Using the practice of meditation, as well as other tools, Iana has taught me how to “see” inside myself, helping me to identify my core issues, understand their origins, and then eventually, how to release these issues, finally freeing myself from their bonds.

Iana has taught me how to go farther, deeper, and into direct connection to Source, or to God.  Connecting to God, and to my spirit guides, I have learned how to hear my own intuition, how to draw on the strength of my purified feminine and masculine energies, and how to know what is my own truth.  These are all powerful lessons, and I am a stronger, more self-assured, confident, positive woman, for having learned them. Previously I hadn’t considered myself a creative person and now I feel as if I am exploding with creative energy. Spiritually, I feel as if I’m now viewing the world through new and fresh eyes, ready to embrace the world through love and light as never before. Anyone who is ready to embrace more of themselves, who wants to learn their own truths, and who wants to experience the world around them more fully, and to be more present for every experience, would benefit from working with Iana. I am forever grateful to Iana for how she has and continues, to enhance my life.”

Eileen Shuchat, The Paleo Potter, Toronto, Canada

"Iana Lahi’s profound, intuitive knowledge of healing enabled me to delve into the transformational process feeling totally supported and connected. Her multi-dimensional techniques for evoking the forgotten and repressed energies of the body are highly effective. I experienced, with Iana, the true creative healing process-powerful and life-affirming."

Carla R., World Music Performance Artist, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“I have been going through my life carrying a backpack of rocks and it has been exhausting. Growing up in a family that was abusive I left my authentic self at a young age. For years I have felt like I was dying. I have been a false me my whole life and since our last session, I have felt the real me emerge. I have real energy for the first time since I was a small child. As I look out from my eyes everything looks different. I feel peace and the stress and anger are gone. I have been relieved of the suffering that I have felt in my heart. I can just be. The fear is gone. The rocks are out of the backpack. I want to celebrate the freedom that I feel. I am filled with gratitude.”

Neil T., Athletic Coach, Charleston, West Virginia

“I created every excuse that I could find to not work with Iana. The idea of working with her intimidated me. I had been sober for 8 months and had a long history of using alcohol and drugs. I used my intellect to say no to doing the real work. I was afraid of what I would find in myself. When I stopped running, I jumped in, and I never looked back. Iana guided me effortlessly through portals of awakening that blew my mind. I found a connection to the whole of myself and learned how to walk through my delusions into real freedom, self -love, and the courage to be. Thank you Iana for helping me to rise up into the life that was waiting for me.”

Craig A., Business Development Consultant, Scottsdale, Arizona

“For the first time in my life I can feel my body and my breath. I feel confident that I can move forward in my life from the inside without having a certain job, teacher, or book to follow. I feel unbridled freedom to be who I am without fear, without hesitation. I feel connected to the Isness of God within me as a vibration. You have helped me move through severe childhood abuse and health issues that I have struggled with for 20 years with incredible love and mastery. You have shown me the pathless path by bringing me back into my Self for the first time in this lifetime. I am ready to walk the path of my own life. I am excited to live and be me. I will always cherish our work together. You truly are amazing.”

Cameron Thomas, Middle School Teacher, Artist, Scientist, San Francisco, CA

“Today on my lunch break I went window shopping for a pair of jeans, mainly to determine what size I am.  To my lovely surprise, it turns out I've gone from a size 12 to a size 8!!!  No having to squeeze into them or anything!  Very comfy, nice fitting size 8 jeans.  I haven't been a size 8 since high school!  So cool!  And since the jeans were on sale..... I bought two pairs—one regular, and one petite (for wearing flats of course)!  Hee hee!  Thanks so much for helping me with my health, diet and new lifestyle choices Iana!!!  And to think, the numbers on the scale are still going down.”

Laurie M., Computer Programmer, Austin, Texas


“I can hear and feel my heart beating in my chest.
I know that I am alive.
There is a new softness in my solar plexus.
A quietness in my inner self.
When I look there I see a much less cluttered place.
There is more light then dark.
I am grateful for all of these gifts.
Thank you again.”

David R., Sculptor, Long Island, New York

“Since we have worked together, every aspect of my life has been transformed. I feel more open, my whole life has changed. I feel more confident and positive. My body has healed, my money flow has opened, and I feel free. People see the difference in me. Thank you for all that you have done for me.”

Simon M., Product Developer, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Iana was able to see exactly what directions I needed to take my business in to expand. I was up against some challenges with my business partner and Iana provided me with the roadmap to creatively succeed and make it through financially and ethically with grace. Her abilities to see what is happening on both the physical and spiritual levels at the same time and weave a golden solution for all involved is beyond remarkable.”

Selina Roberts, Entrepreneur, Chicago, Illinois

“Iana is one of the original lightworkers of our times. Her clarity of vision, healing abilities, and connection to the divine is rare and exceptional.”

O’Shana K., Energy Healer, Hamburg, Germany

“I was born with a voice with a huge range of notes, colors, and styles. As I grew into believing the criticism and judgments of the American culture, my voice tightened until it became blocked and extremely limited. My work with Iana was the key and foundation to opening this block. Iana's work has taught me how to open, expand, recognize, integrate, and heal myself. With this ability, I can sort through the teachings of others to discern what is professionally valuable for me. I can now connect into music, let go and trust that I know the notes and rhythms. Before I couldn't improvise because I was too afraid of making a mistake. Now I know that if I just surrender, it just flows. My voice isn't trapped by my training and my culture, but rather uses my classical training and cultural upbringing as a foundation to expand from. I can now hear criticism constructively and take what I believe is valuable and release anything that is not. I have tools to work through the stress and fears of real-life situations. I can find the cause of my negativity and irritation and release it before it causes damage to others. I can open myself to love and joy. 

Since I began my first session with Iana, I opened to what I call “divine wind” and my life is nothing like what I could've imagined it to become. Whether it's pursuing new courses of study, new teachers, new locations, or new career choices, all of my life choices have been made intuitively with an integration of heart and mind. In all of these new adventures, Iana’s work is the tool I use to recognize and release my fears, my desires, my defenses, and my needs to prove; all the aspects of my self that block me from being the open-hearted, free-spirited, adventurous discoverer and sharer I was born into as a child.

My career has blossomed, I met the love of my life, whom I am marrying, and have healed with my family. Iana helped me to create the life of my dreams.”

Jennifer Milligan, Singer/Songwriter, Bernay, Haute-Normandie, France

“Iana has a beautiful blessing to share as she is able to guide individuals to work on all levels simultaneously — emotional, causal, mental, etheric, soul, physical and spiritual —bringing you to your core essence effortlessly.”

Miriam A., Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO


“Iana unlocks the doors to your whole self with grace and love, giving you the freedom that will initiate into action your life dreams and soul vision. If you feel tired of waiting to start your life, work with Iana. If you feel ready to bust through your own inner prison walls and step on to a new fast track to accomplish what you came here for, work with Iana. If you want to know true healing, work with Iana. Experience her as a teacher, a friend, a mentor, and as a divine messenger.”

Melinda Evans, Workshop Leader and Therapist, Amherst, MA

“Iana is one of those rare beings who is directly connected to the Light and can pinpoint and bring to consciousness what lies in darkness. She has an amazing ability to bring in the perfect words and ideas to bring your dreams into form. Iana was able to brand my project, come up with the name and mission statement after only two conversations. Iana has the ability to see the big picture and then download the universal wisdom and practical business details to birth a brand and develop it into fruition. Iana bridges the worlds of spiritual insight and business brilliance from a beautiful and authentic wholeness that takes into consideration all that you want to be and give to the world. Iana is a genius of creativity and vision.”

Sarah Sorenson, Creative Director, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel lighter and more at ease after reconnecting my feminine and masculine soul pieces, clearing my feminine energies and my mother’s lineage. Iana is a great teacher with great integrity. I really respect her and look forward to working with her again in the future. I am ready to go the whole way that is all possible now.”

Brittany E., San Rafael, California

“Wow! Powerful work. Never have I worked with anyone who could work so deep and so fast. I felt completely safe and supported in my own empowerment. This is the work that is meant to happen on this planet now! This work brings us back to the love that is our birthright and into union with ourselves, each other, and All That Is — Source, back to God. Thank you Iana, for holding such sacred space and for being such a clear vehicle for the work!”

Genya Novak, San Anselmo, California

“In sacred space with Iana, I experienced a profound opening in my heart as my inner divine feminine and masculine met. Iana’s profound ability as a workshop leader and spiritual teacher allow her students to identify what prevents them from living in direct connection with God. She opens the doors to those hidden places within, making it possible for everyone to blossom into their divine presence.”

Carla C., Marketing Consultant, Mill Valley, California


“The training with Iana made it possible to come back to my true, authentic self and helped me to understand how I am the power of creation. I learned how to be at one with myself. This experience is what my higher self has been calling me to do forever!”

Diana Keck, San Francisco, California

“Iana is very special, and very human, in how she allows her teachings to unfold. Iana holds the space with unconditional love to explore and go deeper into one’s True Self. She holds that space with love & power from within and brings us deeper than just male and female and allowing us to connect with the masculine and feminine that we all are. In The Circle of Love and Power workshop with Iana, it becomes clear that the struggle is not in the relationship between man and woman but is the degree that the masculine and feminine is not fully embraced within ourselves. To that degree lies the suffering. Thank you for showing up. It seems that I have been waiting many lifetimes for the validation and work that you offer. I have no choice but to go deeper with you into your open fierce love.”

Hari, Transformational and EFT Therapist, Greenbrae, California

“After being in your three-month Circle of Love and Power teleclass I can truly feel my power. In my everyday life, I feel all of the energetic nuances of an experience being revealed in the moment. I feel more joy. I feel light, connected, and in sync. If I think about something it happens. I can rise above daily little things. I feel more expansive.  I am walking around with an aura, an oval bowl that is transparent and is in me and is pulsating. I feel the earth pulse in my body. This energy knows me and I feel like I am connected to it. I am finding myself through my body. For the first time, I experienced being one with my sexuality. Instead of watching myself having sex, I was fully in my body and fully engaged. I experienced having my spiritual and life force currents soar up into my heart center and completely open me up to my light. My life is opening. I was offered 3 positions the week after the class ended and was hired by the one I wanted the most at the salary that I wanted. Thank you, Iana!”

Anna M., IT Management, Washington D.C.

“BELight Dance was such a wonderful surprise! During the event, I felt that I received yet another way to experience the All living through me, in me, as me.  Getting a sense of my ‘signature’ in this physical way was illuminating. And it was so practical!  I felt like I could immediately go home and do this on my own as a means to express creatively, process emotions, or to simply get unstuck.”

Sarat L., Real Estate Broker, Arlington, VA 

“My whole life has been shifting on all levels since the first training. I made use of the tools taught in the training and I have had an amazing transformation. I found my shadow side. Through the dialogue with her, I could invite her into my solar plexus and released the energetic band she had in my body. I discovered my true power, have become more grounded, and becoming more integrated. I continue to find resolution within myself, finding peace and empowerment by healing the inner conflicting parts in myself through this work.”

Deborah K., Physician’s Assistant, New Haven, CT

“The treasure Iana offers enhances your own creative and spiritual techniques by giving you direct communion with your self. She clears what is blocking you, then teaches you the skills to unblock yourself and receive your higher self. From here worlds of knowledge, wisdom, and insight continue to pour open.”

Jennifer Milligan, Singer/Songwriter, Bernay, Haute-Normandie, France


“I am integrating at lightning speed from this extraordinary weekend. New insights are illuminating me daily. Your compassion, humor, utter acceptance, strength, and power helped me to find a new foundation for my life. All of the tools and practices taught creative living deeply in spirit — deeply in the body and have helped birth me into wholeness.”

Emily Nussdorfer, Founder and Director of Moving Creations, Philadelphia, PA

“You have opened the doors for me to remember and access the healing knowledge I have had inside myself for lifetimes.”

Marika DuRietz, Business Entrepreneur, New York City

“I have been observing my life in a deeper way, and I was able to stop judging myself, a long term sabotaging pattern I have had. I found that I could “stop beating myself up” once and for all through the skills taught in this workshop. I can stand stronger in myself. My old habit has been to go into my mind and control my life through creating negative patterns. Now, I can stop myself from going there and love and accept my deeper truth. ”

John Wozencraft., Sound Healer & Sound Engineer, Tubac, Arizona

“The training helped me to find a greater peace. I have been able to stay in my power, maintain a deep grounding, and not emotionally react. I successfully mediated a painful situation with my family. I felt centered and could successfully not go back into my old patterns. I could forgive key family members and learned the lesson of allowing. My personal power felt solid and integrated.”

Rick Ward, Entrepreneur and Sales Consultant, Fairfax, VA

“I loved The Circle of Love and Power. It was intimate, safe, and deep. All the participants benefited from witnessing another's experience and insights, and the way you utilized each person's journey as a jumping-off point to broader issues was great. I appreciate that you're able to do deep work with one person that is relevant to others. The workshop unleashed a powerful healing and transformation that continues to unfold. I was able to find the courage to open into very vulnerable places, to feel what I needed to understand there and to voice from my body what I needed to share. I liked the discussion and meditation on the first day and I appreciate that on the second day of the training, you brought me through some of my hesitancy and resistances. I emerged with a stronger connection to my inner masculine and my inner feminine, and a sense of ease and peace in their relationship to each other. I like the way you included practical relationship stuff — it grounded things in “real life”. Thank you for your sincere dedication to walking this path and offering your capacities with courage, skill, presence, clarity, and grace.”

Caroline Brown, Yoga Teacher, Oakland, California

“The Training weekend brought a new sense of opportunity to all participants to make a genuine difference in the world. It helped me to make a major shift on all levels of my self, and within two months after the training, I was hired as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C., a dream job and opportunity that fulfills all of the ways in which I want to help make a difference on the planet. I would highly recommend Iana Lahi’s Training’s to anyone willing to explore and implement profound spiritual awakening within their life and work."

Sarah A., Executive Director, Washington, D.C.

“I feel inspired to trust to and take action on my inner visions now. Your wisdom, truth, heart and eloquent teaching abilities come through clear and strong.”

T.K., Artist, Teacher, and Therapist, Ashland, Oregon


 “Iana's work is unique in that it brings clarity, truth, and deep insight for each individual's path. She clears what is blocking you, then teaches you the skills to unblock yourself and teach yourself. Her purpose is to help you become who you are, rather than imposing a way upon another. She is a true teacher, pulling out the gifts you did not know you even had. What she has to teach is the pearl all healers need in the healing arts. The treasure Iana gives enhances your own techniques by cleansing out your core and nurturing the connection with your own higher guidance and spiritual guides. She puts you in direct communion with your self. From here worlds of knowledge, wisdom, and insight continue to open.”

Jennifer Milligan, Singer/Songwriter, Bernay, Haute-Normandie, France

"Working with Iana is an exquisite and extraordinary experience, she initiates you into your own spirit power and guides you through the veils that block your direct connection to your greatest gifts and to God Source itself. Iana leads you home through seemingly insurmountable obstacles to the most beautiful and abundantly alive part of your soul and expertly instructs you in how to discover and manifest your heart's most shining dreams from this place within yourself.

I have worked with Iana both as a student and as a client doing deep soul, spiritual, emotional, and physical healing work in our sessions together. I am living proof of the success of this method. Iana's profound healing sessions and superb spiritual guidance and instruction helped me to utterly transform my life. 

After decades of health problems and career struggles, I am now healthier than I have ever been; I feel a new power within me radiating in all aspects in my life; and I am finally fully walking on my path as a dancer, writer, dance/therapist, healer, and director of a non-profit therapeutic dance/theater program for at-risk children and adolescents. 

I am fulfilling each day the dream of my life I had built up in myself from childhood, that I truly believed for a time would be impossible to create. Thanks to Iana, I now see myself as a beautiful creator in the magnificent creative process of life. Iana offers the map to the treasure within each of us, that once discovered, we can unfold out into the world. We are so lucky to have her!"

Emily Nussdorfer, Director of Moving Creations, Philadelphia, PA

WOW! You are a remarkable woman and you gave my partner David and I the greatest of gifts, the healing and awareness of our male and female spirits, a road map for balance and equality and the witness and support from community. Works for me!

I loved this workshop!  It gave me HOPE and a deep feeling of balance within. I feel such gratitude for the work you did with David and myself. Iana, thank you for helping him understand he can simply show up as himself and it is enough, it is plenty, and for helping me to know that the time to show my commitment to him is now. The workshop also gave me something almost even more wonderful, I received an image during the guided meditation on the first day in minds eye of what my divine male and female look like. Their divine union asked to live in my heart and there they are, whenever I want to see them. I can see my vision so clearly and it gives me great joy and also a sense of comfort, because it feels anchored within me.

Your insights, comments and guidance were tremendously useful to all of us, varying between gentle and dynamic when needed. I found you to have a great understanding of each gender's experience. As a woman, I loved that you moved often and with ease between being completely down to earth in relating every woman’s hopes and fears to a historical perspective on beliefs and behaviors to the spiritual level of the divine union between male and female.

I feel you understand and are able to reference and hold in balance the male and female perspective and experience with equal clarity and compassion. This was so important to the healings that took place and the trust and deep listening that occurred when we met as a unified group. Being in a safe and sacred space and listening to the men in our group speak honestly and candidly about their experiences as men and what their needs hopes and fears are was really illuminating.

Knowing that they had experienced a deep awareness and healing of their male and female selves by going on their own divine spiritual journey with your guidance, just the day before, and that we were all open on that level, was a wonderful touchstone and connector for me throughout the afternoon. I felt great compassion and forgiveness for their journey both spiritually and as sons of women. The weekend format was terrific and allowed time for personal space, time to absorb the experiences and a spacious feeling to the weekend. A deep bow of thanks to you, Iana.”

Sona Holman, Artist, Austin, Texas

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