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Navigating Your Life During Tumultuous Times

Following Your North Star

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Navigating Your Life During Tumultuous Times is a source guide through the challenges and potential by-passes of these times. Your nervous system and brain can get stressed, you may feel disheartened and disconnected to life and your higher values as we are pushed to make chooses that affect us on the deepest levels.

We are experiencing an onslaught of social and collective issues.

From book banning, to war, the misuse of power, sexism, economic unknowns, climate change, environmental issues, health dilemmas, women’s and men’s rights, work changes, and relationship hardships— the ways that you have engaged and interacted with life require new skills.


Get ready to discover and embody greater inner stability, clarity, strength, and power!

In Navigating Your Life During Tumultuous Times, you will:

  • Learn to trust the you that has been hidden and afraid to emerge into your life.

  • Discover how to access stability, trust, and inner strength in the times that you most need it.

  • See with new eyes and hear the wisdom within your heart that will guide you through the sink holes and life dilemma’s that you need to master. 

  • Walk through the lessons given by your soul that are triggering grief, anger, sadness, fear, and pain and awaken to a new alignment with your mind, heart, and spirit.

Navigating Your Life During Tumultuous Times
Course Contents

Module 1 - Seeing Reality Instead of Illusion

   A. Recognizing Fear

   B. Choose Wisely What Youu Connect Into

   C. How To Truly See and Why It Helps

Module 2 - Calling In Your Higher Self

   A. Your Higher Self Needs A Place To LiveCan Have It

   B. What Will You Follow?

   C. Waiting To Be Found and Followed

Module 3 - What Happens When You Follow Your Fears

   A. Let's Identify Your Fears and Point Them To Your North Star

   B. What Does Your North Star Feel Like

   C. Seeing The Roles You Were Taught to Play


Module 4 - Guiding Your Life Through Trusting Your Self

   A. Walking Through Your Fears

   B. Knowing Why You Are Here and What You Stand For

   C. Listening To Your Higher Voice and How to Do It

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