Spirit Gateways® Passport

Ride the Next Wave of Spiritual Evolution For These Times

The Spirit Gateways® Passport guides you through a series of self-initiations to give you a direct experience of Oneness through embodying your True Self.

Spirit Gateways® Passport consists of six progressive tracks given through a series of video modules that support profound awakening, healing, and integration.

Passport I - Ignite The Wave: Introduction and Overview. Begin the journey ahead and gain insight to receive and implement all that the Passports have to offer you.


Passport II - Ride The Wave: Gateway to BE™ - GODESEX, BEISNESS, HEART OF THE ONE. You will be transforming and enlightening your relationship to sexuality, financial prosperity, and emotional well-being.

Passport III - Love The Wave: The 21st Century Anointing - Men's Enlightening and Women's Enlightening. Men and women are brought into a new relationship with their deepest truth, light, and wholeness. Old patterns that isolate men and women from themselves and in relationship are transformed and healed.

Passport IV - One With The Wave: BELIGHT MEDITATION® You will be initiated into living in direct connection with Infinite Source by receiving a new meditation approach for 21st-century individual and collective awakening. 

Passport V - Soar With The Wave: LOVETOBE the MOVEMENT®. Open and heal your heart through integrating movement, meditation, and soul level teachings to create profound and blissful states of reconnection and remembrance of your True Self.


Passport VI - BE The Wave: BE THE ENLIGHTENING. You enter the center of your Whole Self and experience the singularity of pure Oneness—super consciousness—where complete healing, divine union, and realization emanate from.

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You Are Here For A Reason, A Purpose,
And A Breakthrough.


The Spirit Gateways® Passport
Group Mentoring Program


Receive even more from The Spirit Gateways® Passport experience by joining BEing, the Spirit Gateways® Passport Group Mentoring Program,  to deepen and anchor your Passport experience. 

In our 12-weeks together, you will receive individual attention and mentoring with Iana to help you reach your own personal spiritual, health, financial, relationship, career, and life purpose goals.

By the completion of our 12th week together you will BE seeing, feeling, and experiencing your life through a new lens, and have daily access to a higher Divine Octave of living your life and BEing You with greater happiness, fulfillment, and empowerment.

Embark Upon The Journey Of Self-Initiation And
Reconnection To The Source Of Creation
Within Your Self And Beyond.


What People Are Saying

“I am finding myself through my body. For the first time, I experienced being one with my sexuality. Instead of watching myself having sex, I was fully in my body and fully engaged. I experienced having my spiritual and life force currents soar up into my heart center and completely open me up to my light. My life is opening. I was offered 3 positions the week after the class ended and was hired by the one I wanted the most at the salary that I wanted. Thank you, Iana!”

Anna M., IT Management, Washington D.C.


“If you want to open, awaken and embody your true self — the you that you crave to create your life from in every moment, find and explode your gifts, free yourself from the karmic suffering that you silently carry within you, heal your relationship to the universe, others and God, successfully manifest your gifts into the world while simultaneously creating financial abundance through being in divine alignment with your spiritual Source, work with Iana. Through Iana's trainings and her One-on-One work, your life will take off, not from superficial ego yearnings and illusions, but from authentic, solid, ancient, and progressive pure wisdom applied for your evolution and personal happiness. You will understand why you are here, how to love your self and step into knowing true fulfillment. Iana is the blessing. She walks her talk and is a rare gift on earth.

Kyle Daniels, Business Entrepreneur, Santa Monica, CA


“My entire life has continued to change in astounding ways and so will yours by training with Iana. I have complete clarity of the life that I want to have. I am ready to lead from this new calm. I feel free. For the first time, I know in my body what compassion and love really feel like. I can trust the love within me now. I know what I want. I am in forward motion.”

Simone Richardson, Management Consultant, New York, New York


If you have ever considered that divine joy is your natural state of BEing and that somehow your finances, creative flow, spiritual connection, and harmony with life are connected to your sexual wholeness and integration—trust and make the leap into Iana’s masterful experience of remembering freedom and the power you were born to live.”

Evelyn Adams, Innovative Designer & Architect, Rome, Italy

The Transformation Of Your Life Awaits You