Meet Iana

Divine Messenger, Wayshower of the Soul, Master Healer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, Poet, Choreographer, Movement Artist

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True Self Liberation Mentor

Co-create your life from BEing One
with Infinite Source.

BE aligned.

Find the bliss of BEING the
essence of who you are.

The next step of your spiritual

evolution is to see and BE
the light that you are.

Your purpose is awakened by living in alignment in each moment to your highest intention

Experience the next wave of spiritual evolution for these times.

Iana Lahi is a Visionary Spiritual Leader and Global Evolutionary Empowerment Teacher who teaches the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.


The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ assists men and women from all walks of life, all professions, and all cultures into the full illumination of their True Self through direct connection to Infinite Source.


As a Divine Messenger and Master Healer, Ms. Lahi guides each person through their deepest fragmentations into the Heart of Oneness™. and illumination. Iana initiates each person into the light and love within their body by teaching them how to unlock the original love and power within their mind, heart, and soul. 


As a Spiritual Advisor and Seer for more than 45 years, Ms. Lahi has guided more than 10,000 men, women, and teens through the eye of the needle of their heart and soul to remember and implement their life blueprint that they came here to live.

As a Wayshower of the Soul, Iana masterfully guides individuals to reconstruct their life to realize and live their highest vision and soul purpose, fulfill the circle of their life, expand, evolve and enlighten their soul journey, and to initiate their relationship, career, life work, sexual, creative, financial and business potential to a higher octave through BEing their True Self.


As a Soul Initiator, Iana works directly with Infinite Source to birth the Divine Universal Intelligence found within one’s True Self to assist individuals to experience liberation from suffering and pain.


Iana's gifts help men and women breakthrough into new levels of divine union, freedom, empowered expression, self-realization, and heightened success in business and financial endeavors, creative mastery, entrepreneurial endeavors, leadership, relationship fulfillment, artistic brilliance, parenting, career legacy, enlightened sexuality, health, and personal joy to live a liberated life.

All of Iana's work teaches and illuminates how-to live an integrated life rooted in one’s divinely lit truths and strengths. Iana’s passion is to help individuals actualize their True Self so they can serve the planet in their unique way.


The creator of the Original Way Teachings™, Ms. Lahi assists women and men from all backgrounds, races, and nationalities how to create an empowered, authentic and successful life while simultaneously healing soul level karmic, sanskaric, and ancestral-familial patterns that block full realization of BEing One with Source—while BEing their True Self in action.

Within your heart and soul,

you carry the divine spark of creation

Ms. Lahi is the Founder and Director of Spirit Gatewaysc Institute, Spirit Gateways® Publishing, Spirit Gateways Leadership®, Spirit Gateways® Education and The Indomitable Fund.

Iana is an internationally published author and poet with her books distributed throughout the USA and Canada as well as the European Union and Japan.

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