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Spirit Gateways®

The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap for Individual
& Planetary Transformation & Enlightenment

For Adventurers, Explorers, Lovers of Life, Seekers Of Truth,
Visionaries, Business Innovators & Thought Leaders,
Creatives, Entrepreneurs, System Change Agents,
Generators, Awakeners, Enlighteners, Lovers,
Realists, Dreamers, Healers & For All Men &
Women Who Yearn To Break Through
Their Life Challenges Into A Higher
Octave Of Spiritual & Material

An Integrated System For Awakening ONEness

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap gives you what you had hoped every guru, clergy, counselor, saint,
mystic, religious, meditation or yoga practice, bodymind technique, shamanic ritual, plant medicine, drug, or hallucinogenic would give, but without losing
your universal connection to the wholeness
and power of your True Self.

All Spirit Gateways® Courses, Trainings, And Programs Give You Direct Connection To
Infinite Source As You
r Foundation To
Create The Life 
You Were Born To Live. 

You Are Brought Through The Matrix Of
Separation Into The Profound State of
ONEness Enabling You To Successfully
Fulfill The Purpose Of Your Life.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap simultaneously takes you through 4 Gateways that multidimensionally integrate
and illuminate your life into ONEness.

Gateway 1
Soul Illumination - I Return To The Light

Gateway 2
Emotional Body Connection -I Embrace The Love That I AM

Gateway 3
Mental Body Recalibration - I AM The Infinite Light

Gateway 4
God Connection - The Light That I AM Is God That I AM

You are invited to become One with your path of
God that is the “pathless path with no name”
and live the life you came here to live in
pure power, infinite love, and joyful success.

Experience embodied evolutionary spiritual breakthroughs for bodymind, soul, and spirit ONEness and realization.


Are You Ready?

A soul calling from my heart to yours to share the power, purpose, and love possible to live in and activate for these times.  Read my invitation.

From My Heart To Yours,

An Invitation From Iana
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Realize Your True Self
To Live An Awakened,
Joyful & Fulfilled Life.


"Everything taught and shared in all of the Spirit Gateways® trainings, courses, and mentoring come from my direct experiences with God throughout my life and integrate my
direct connection with Source and ONEness-based humanistic psychology, deep spirituality, and a rich experiential understanding of the body, consciousness, movement, meditation and our divine-human energetic system. I am here to help people move out of their inner shadow and karmic patterns and darkness of
these times into the
 pure light of their BEing through
direct connection with inner Source." 

Iana Lahi

The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap

Live Your Life In ONEness & Realize Your True Self

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is a comprehensive and holistically integrated curriculum of trainings, courses, programs, and group and personal one-on-one mentoring that enable anyone at any stage of their spiritual and personal journey to take advantage of to optimize their personal evolution.  

These times demand new tools to navigate the psychological, emotional, physical, economic, health, relationship, and divinely-human spiritual challenges that we all face daily.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary transformation gives you a proven process, methodology, and inner tools to creating Awakened:

Relationship. Sex. Marriage. Parenting. Pregnancy. Creativity. Career. New Leadership. Life Purpose. Money & Abundance. Wholeness. Inspiration. Health. Vitality. Freedom. 
Past Lives. Men's Work. Women's Work. Healing Your Wounds. Self Transformation.
Life Style Sustainability
. Regeneration. Divine Masculine-Feminine Integration
Spiritual Realization. Self-Mastery. Movement. Meditation. Universality.
BEingness. Bliss. Surrender. Divine Union. God.

Create A Life Of Wholeness
With The Source Of Who You Are

QuickStart Guide To The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap

The treasure that is the TRUE YOU is discovered, evolved, and empowered in all of the Spirit Gateways® courses, programs, trainings, and mentoring.

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The Foundation Course introduces fundamentals of The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ – a great deal, $7, 7 modules, 8+ hours. 

Deepenings Mini-Courses help you uncover and heal parts of your life that have been holding you back from fulfilling your life aspirations and goals.. 

Deepenings Courses take you deep into healing and resolving the core themes of your life that are blocking your personal liberation and success.

Signature Courses are an in-depth transformational journey into the themes of liberating, realizing, and living BEing Your True Self in these times of dramatic personal challenges and global-collective change.

Professional Training is a certification training for women and men who want to add the tools, techniques, and teachings of Spirit Gateways® into their existing career or step into BEing a specialty Spirit Gateways® facilitator as a new career.

Mentoring Programs support you in going direct to the Source of your brilliance, spiritual power, and wholeness so you can embody the magnificence and light of your True Self.

Special Events are specialty courses and cosmic adventures that complement all of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Liberation Roadmap™ programs.

Collections offer quick and easy entré to BELIGHT MEDITATION®, LoveToBE the Movement®, and Light Mastery Academy short courses as well as an introduction to Messages From The Divine Mother.