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The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap for Individual
& Planetary Transformation & Enlightenment

For Adventurers, Explorers, Lovers of Life, Seekers Of Truth,
Visionaries, Business & Thought Leaders, Innovators,
Creatives, Entrepreneurs, System Change Agents,
Generators, Awakeners, Enlighteners, Lovers,
Realists, Dreamers, Healers & For All Men & Women
Who Yearn To Break Through Their Life Challenges Into
A Higher Octave Of Spiritual & Material Achievement.

BE The Hero Of Your Life

An Invitation From Iana
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I help people find and become One with their path of God that is the “pathless path with no name” and live the life they came here to live with pure power, infinite love, and joyful success.


An Invitation:
Are You Ready To BE Free?

A soul calling from my heart to yours to share the power, purpose, and love possible to live in and activate for these times.  Read my invitation.

From My Heart To Yours,

Living In ONEness

Living In ONEness
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The Dynamics of ONEness