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Welcome to Living From Your Wild Heart

Join Iana, as she shares "Living From Your Wild Heart", a raucous video adventure of BEing human in three parts — Original Way Teachings, BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and LoveToBE The Movement® — delivered FREE to your inbox every Saturday morning for 52 weeks each exploring a unique aspect of living a passionate life. 


Welcome to the Spirit Gateways® BE Community


Everything taught and shared in all of the Spirit Gateways® trainings, courses, and programs offered on this website come from my direct experiences with God throughout my life. 

Iana Lahi

QuickStart Guide

The treasure that is the TRUE YOU is discovered, evolved, and empowered in all Spirit Gateways® courses, programs, trainings, and mentoring.


There are several points of entry to begin your journey, any of which will be perfect for you.




BE: The Humanity Blueprint

The New Source Codes For Humanity

BE: The Humanity Blueprint illuminates your life by giving you the tools, practices, and insights to BE ONE with your True Self and create your life from your True Self.


The BE: Forum and BE: Masterclass guide and initiate you to experience a new paradigm of vitality, happiness, self-realization, and freedom. Both programs are based upon the 4-volume book series BE: The Humanity Blueprint by Iana Lahi and have the ability to uplift, redirect, and reconnect you to all that you are and can BE. 

The BE: Forum is a FREE teleclass experience that explores what it means to BE human. Each session meets twice a month for 60 minutes. Each month a different transformational theme important to these times is shared in an informal gathering of men and women from around the globe. Learn new tools to deal with the challenges of your life. Enter the center of your Whole Self, and discover how to move through  your life with mastery and joy. Everyone who subscribes to the email list is registered for the BE: Forum and will be notified of the monthly theme and access information.

The BE: Masterclass is a transformational training in BEing human. The Masterclass is a video-on-demand series that teaches the progression of steps to discover your Whole Self. The BE: Masterclass is a multi-dimensional experience into the power and light that already exists within you. In the BE: Masterclass, you will be given the secrets to awakening and recalibrating your divine intelligence and love as a roadmap for bridging your heart, soul, and purpose into action at a whole new level of BEing.

Live Your Life From A New Design Based Upon Self Realization, Truth And The Clarity Of Your True Self.

Divine Messenger Sessions & Life Mastery Training

A Profound Opportunity to Recalibrate Your Life

Divine Messenger Sessions and Life Mastery Training carry you on wings of light closer to the Infinite life stream of consciousness that will transport your life upward and through the obstacles and challenges on your life journey. Ignite your potential during this present time to realize who you are, and who you can BE for your greatest empowerment and fulfillment.

Your life is a journey through the maze of true and false perceptions, life lessons, loss, gain, ancestral, familial, genetic and karmic experiences that have the potential to set you back or launch you upward into a Higher Octave. Your Divine Messenger Session with Iana Lahi gives you the information and guidance to see the deeper meaning, purpose, and opportunity to catch the glimpses, gifts, and messages the universe wants you to have. Make each day a day to BE on track.

“Step Into Living Your Destiny Path and Living On Purpose As Your True Self.”

Divine Messenger Sessions

A Unique One-on-One Experience With Iana Lahi

Go deeper, wider, higher, and more multi-dimensional in how you relate to your challenges, opportunities, dreams, and goals. Get where you yearn to go. You are invited to a dynamic and supportive group mentoring experience with Iana Lahi to move through, dive into, and discover the spiritual-physical point of balance, power center, and gateway to freedom that is unique to YOU. From here, you can begin to accomplish the how’s and why’s of your life, and the answers to your deepest questions and concerns.

“Step Into A Mastery Level Experience Of BEing Guided Into Living and BEing The Truth Of Who You Are.”

Life Mastery Training

Group Mentoring To Realize & Actualize Your True Self

“The Next Step Of Our Collective Spiritual Evolution Is To See and BE The Light That We Are.”

Realize Your True Self

One-on-One Mentoring With Iana

One-on-One Mentoring gives you the true and long sought-after experience of spiritual-physical integration and Oneness.


Iana helps you experience universal alignment, divine power, and love by giving you the insights, tools, and guidance to realize direct connection with Infinite Source.


The steps that you take with Iana will take you home to BE ONE. BE YOU.®


BE ENLIGHTENED. Step through a gateway that you have been seeking your whole life, but didn’t even know existed. Live from new eyes.


BE FREE. Step through your veils of fear, self-hatred, doubt, denial, and resistance and let go of old barriers, false perceptions, and obstacles.

BE WHOLE. Step into levels of clarity that will propel you forward through your life challenges and soul lessons.

BE EMPOWERED. Step onto your highest destiny path with ease, grace, courage, clarity, and love.

BE CONNECTED. Step through the portal into your whole and complete Self to live your greatest potential and joy. 

BE The Full Expression Of Your Most 
Productive, Innovative, Magnetic, Integrated,
Loving And Powerful You.


Podcast: BE ONE. BE YOU.® 

Fear of BEing Ones SelfIana Lahi
00:00 / 19:59
Living In The CenterIana Lahi
00:00 / 17:52
Light Dark Split.Iana Lahi
00:00 / 24:32
True Power False PowerIana Lahi
00:00 / 17:22
What You Bring To LoveIana Lahi
00:00 / 15:43
What Is Your EgoIana Lahi
00:00 / 22:16

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Welcome to the Spirit Gateways® BE community!