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A FREE Twice-Monthly Teleclass Exploration of BEing Human

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Experience Life Through The Eyes Of ONENESS

Dedicated to Supporting Women & Men From All Cultural, Religious,
Spiritual, & Ethnic Backgrounds to Know and BE Your True Self
In Every Facet of Your Life

Join Iana for a FREE one-hour audio-class 2x a month that will feed your soul, liberate your heart, and soothe your mind as you are tenderly and ferociously held in the light to help you walk your life path with greater wisdom, power, purpose, and love.

Each month we dive deep into a powerful life theme that will heal, inspire, uplift, and rejuvenate your Whole Self.

Each monthly theme weaves together our heart, soul, psyche, and mind to experience union within our divine and collective feminine and masculine selves.

Each teleclass heightens our connection to the most relevant themes of our lives during these intense and outrageous times.

The BE FORUM helps you to make the fearless changes that you
want to make in your life with greater strength, focus, and ease

Both women and men are calling out for a new way to navigate their life path and for 45 years the work of Iana Lahi and Spirit Gateways® has walked the leading edge of liberating the True Self.


When we mend the core wounds that have separated us from our True Self, from one another, and from our humanity, we come to realize that love has always been and will always BE the gold that mends our most pressing pain, humiliation, shame, anger, grief, and self-hatred.


It is through reconnecting our higher Self into our body, reconnecting our passion with purpose, recalibrating our frequency into the heart of truth, that we can BE the light that the world needs.

Let Your Anxieties, Fears & Concerns Dissolve
& Return To The Eternal Self That You KNOW Your Self To BE.

The BE FORUM guides and initiates you to experience a new paradigm of vitality, happiness, self-realization, and freedom. The BE Forum is based upon the 4-volume book series BE: The Humanity Blueprint by Iana Lahi.


  • Focuses on a different topic every month that will shift you into the center point of your spiritual power in your body, mind, and soul.

  • Expands your perspective on a global and personal level.

  • Heals the pain of living in separation while teaching you how to live an awakened and integrated life.

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Come join me in The BE FORUM.

Refresh your heart and partake in the gift of ONEness.


The BE FORUM is a FREE global event via teleclass.

The BE FORUM Calendar 2022

Released 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 5.30pm PST - 8:30pm EST - 1:30am GMT
Audio Recording available for on-demand listening.

January 2022 - BE Whole

1/4/2022 - Masculine Feminine Uprising - The New Balance is Calling

1/18/2022 - Finding What You Need Most to BE Happy


February 2022 - BE ONE With Your Heart

2/1/2022 - Honoring Grief

2/15/2022 - Releasing What Hurts


March 2022 - BE FEARLESS

3/1/2022 - A Sweet Embrace Beyond Fear

3/15/2022 - Walking Your Talk