LoveToBE the Movement® Collections

Finding Divine Union Through the Bliss of Presence

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The LoveToBE the Movement Collections® guide you into “meeting points” within your body where spirit, and cosmic consciousness intersect with your mind and soul giving you direct access into Infinite Source.

Each movement sequence gives you a 360 degree experience of BEing One with your spiritual power and emotional-physical energies by helping you to raise your frequency, know your Self and your relationship to life, master your unique expression of ONEness, and transform your thoughts, patterns, addictions, fears, and shadow through surrendering and directing your life energies to become One with Infinite Source.

You will find that your divine will, creativity, patience, clarity, love and power begin to fill up the spaces within you where fear, anxiety, depression, grief, sorrow, and pain had once existed.

LoveToBE the Movement® Collection I

Traveling Through The Universe Of Love

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LoveToBE the Movement® Collections I – Traveling Through the Universe Of Love brings you on an inner journey into the Infinite Source within you by introducing you to the mystical and magnetic connections that are the new design for your mind and body to become ONE, whole, and enlightened in love.

Your mind seeks to BE One with a quantum field of reality that unifies your perceptions and consciousness. As you come out of separation consciousness you realize that you are One with life, and creation.

Traveling Through The Universe of Love is composed of four online video modules:

Sequence 1: The Roots of the Cosmos

  • Opening To BEing One

Sequence 2: Galactic Geometry

  • Discovering Your Power Grid

Sequence 3: Moving Through the Veils

  • Moving Through the Veils

Sequence 4: Becoming One

  • Losing Your Self To Find Your Self

LoveToBE the Movement® Collection I – Traveling Through the Universe Of Love gives you the experience of true freedom from the inside out, as your body and mind gain greater balance, flexibility, fluidity, and flow with the infinite intelligence that dwells within you.

LoveToBE the Movement® Collection II

Deep Peace

Deep Peace is a movement series that consists of 4 sequences that strengthen, revitalize, integrate, and empower you from the inside out.


You will experience foundational energetic and calming emotional support, body and mind reconnection, and soul-centered recalibration through the series.


LoveToBE the Movement® initiates living in the freedom, joy, and enlightening state of your True Self.


The movements reconnect and clear the energies in your body to sustain higher states of awareness where union in body, heart, soul, and spirit naturally occur.


Both a transformational-meditative practice and physical strengthener, your inner and outer alignment into the Infinite Source of life bless your life with health, well-being, and Deep Peace.

Deep Peace is composed of four online video modules:

Sequence 1: Strength & Calm

  • Awaken A New Foundational Support

Sequence 2: Vitality & Joy

  • Home In the Heart

Sequence 3: Fearlessness & Manifestation

  • Out of the Box Into Freedom

Sequence 4: Oneness & Empowerment

  • Exaltation From Within 

Increase your capacity to BE ONE with your own heart, soul, light, and inner presence, peace, ONENESS, and joy.