BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass

Ignite the Torch of Love As An Impeccable Power For Our World

BE: The Humanity Blueprint is a fast track evolutionary process for men and women
that transforms the body, mind, and spirit to handle the demands of this age.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass offers a proven roadmap that simultaneously transforms your personal issues while giving you the keys to living your spiritual power, purpose, and enlightenment.


You will come through the program Masterclass with a profound understanding of why you are here, and how to BE connected, One, and inspired consistently in your everyday life.


You will experience extraordinary breakthroughs on all levels of your consciousness while understanding and embracing your life walk and spiritual legacy from an experiential heart perspective.

The ways that you have been side-tracked from being able to hear, feel, sense, BE, and see your True Self are a product of our cultural upbringing. As you move through each module you gain a direct connection with your most precious and powerful Self and learn how to access the infinite nature of your BEing.


As the light bulb of awareness is ignited to be able to bring forth the wisdom, innate knowledge, love, and bliss through your body and into your life, you begin to experience a tangible sequence of humbling, heart-opening, and empowering awakenings that reposition your relationship to your Self and to life from a place of anchored freedom, grounded clarity, and impassioned action.

By aligning your energy, emotions, psychology, and soul directly to the all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-creative Infinite Source of life, a new paradigm of living fully connected to your divine intelligence becomes possible. As you move from the rational and external stimuli response of Doing, into the intuitive and inwardly guided wisdom and power of light from within you into BEing, you become self-initiated into a new definition of what it means to BE human.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a transformational process that heals and clears the old threads of suffering and illusion to reveal a new matrix of BEing.

Initiate the codes of your soul.

Ignite the power of your passion, purpose, and potential.

Integrate your divine masculine and feminine energies.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass offers a way through universal imprints of pain and suffering created through ego attachments, addictions, loss of Self, belief systems, and disconnection to Source. 


Dive deep, and find clarity, freedom, and greater joy while you are renewing your commitment to your Self. Experience core level healing and transformation by stepping through the veils of your inner battles, and self-doubts, and discover your unshakable presence and power to BE.

Build your consciousness on a strong foundation and you will
be able to illuminate your Self into every area of your life.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass will guide you step-by-step to experience full awakening so you can embody freedom and truth as the foundation for your life.


Dissolve the fear, pain, and resistance that you have been trapped by that have blocked you from knowing, trusting and BEing your True Self.


Each transformational Masterclass will illuminate your life and support you to shift pain and suffering into joy and liberation.

Discover your higher purpose, power, and calling.

Receive the 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ that helps you to initiate your True Self into enlightened action and BE whole, free and unlimited.

Receive the keys to unlocking the gateways to your True Self.

It is time to awaken and transform your old matrix of thinking, perceiving, and feeling into a 21st century experience of Oneness with your True Self.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass empowers you to:


  • Go beyond how you have been stuck, fragmented and afraid and learn how to love your Self and release the ways that you by-pass BEing You.


  • Discover and crack the code to living your soul blueprint and lift up into a profound relationship with the Source of your True Self.


  • Liberate and integrate your divine and human super-consciousness and transform your life.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that

makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller


Experience the Intersection of Ancient & Modern Practices for Self-Realization & Enlightenment

Module 1 - One in Soul: Unlocking The Power Of Your Soul


One in Soul is your first empowerment step to remembering who you are and to become One with your spiritual power. You will break through the “emotional and psychological stuff” that lessens your ability to BE all that you can BE, as you are guided to experience full alignment and connection to your soul purpose and True Self.


As a participant, you are taught how to see from your higher centers and reconnect the pure diamond aspects of your soul into your body. The spiritual power that you are born with is ignited and integrated into your consciousness enabling you to live the life that you came here to live with clarity and joy.

One in Soul gives you the tools to bridge your dreams and desires and helps you to implement your awakened presence, light, and Self-realizations into every facet of your life.


  • Awaken the divine intelligence of your soul and free your Self to step through the eye of the needle of your consciousness.


  • Heal your heart and ignite the power of light and love that have the ability to transform your life.


  • End the ways that you ABR (abandon, betray and reject) your Self permanently.

Walk Through These Times With Greater Ease, Focus,
Clarity, Grounding, and Love.


Module 2 - Whole Body Enlightening: Discovering Your New Matrix

Vol_2_Call_of_the_River-Vol II.jpg

Whole Body Enlightening gives you the tools to be empowered by the light within you by guiding you how to ignite the life force within you.


As you move light into the cells of your body and shift out of living in your head and move your awareness into your heart and lower belly, the reasons for living in separation, pain, and denial end.

Whole Body Enlightening guides you to remember the light, power, truth, and infinite intelligence of your True Self. You are shown how to identify your ego and to end how you are controlled and manipulated by the fear that you have not known how to transform—giving you back the keys to your life.


  • BE centered in the light consciousness of your Whole Self.


  • Transform fear, sorrow, and pain into joy, bliss, and Oneness.


  • Move through the underlying fears that keep your ego Self locked into BEing the controller of your life.

Unify the Light and The Consciousness
Of Your Divine and Human Self Through Your Body


Module 3 - Divine Masculine-Feminine Integration: Ending The
                      Battles Within You


Divine Masculine-Feminine Integration reveals your soul’s pure existence, joy, and divine intelligence. In this meeting with your enlightened Self, you are able to source the frequency and light that lifts you up to recalibrate how you see, feel, and experience your Self and the world in a new way.

Our world has been created upon imbalanced masculine and feminine principles and projections, and when we heal these core splits within our Self, the light of our higher consciousness is revealed through down-to-earth practical and spiritual truth and power that ignites us with the insights needed to uplift our relationships, finances, families, communities and the world.


  • Experience the essence of your life force energies. Merge with what is most sacred and life-affirming.


  • End the battles within your Self.


  • Heal the core splits within your life force. Begin to understand that being alive is meant to be a sacred sexual-spiritual experience through unleashing your creative vibrancy and intelligence.

Initiate The Codes Of Your Soul.
Integrate Your Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies.

Find Freedom.


Module 4 - Union Of Love and Power: Living In ONEness

Vol_4_Unlocking Euphoria_Vol IV.jpg

Union of Love and Power gives you the key to unlocking the door to resolving pain and suffering, fear and grief, and guides you through the separations of your body, mind, and soul that have blocked you from BEing Whole.


The next step to resolving the inner battles between your true and false Self, the known and the unknown, the light and the dark, fear and love, and ego and mastery unravel the knot to fulfilling the purpose of your BEing.

Throughout time and space in all civilizations, Ancient Ones have taught humanity how to live in connection with the Source of life. Now, in the midst of chaos, crisis and collective pain it is time to heal the greatest wound there is—the separation from one Self and Source. The solution is already within you, waiting to BE discovered, ignited and unified with.

As we resolve the internal split between love and power, we are able to walk through the inner fires, earthquakes, avalanches, and tornadoes in our lives and stand in the center of our greatest ally—our unified Oneness—and BE.


By living in the center point of your authentic power, the light of your soul can be expressed in your life and in the world with greater focus, love, and purposeful intention. 


  • Discover how you sabotage your Self and see through the veil into freedom.


  • Open to who you are not who you think you are.


  • Release fear and find exuberant joy and vitality.

Make A Difference In The World Through
BEing Sourced To The Love and Power Of Your True Self.


On March 31, 2022, the price will increase to its valued price of $997.


Please take advantage of our early 2022 launch price now - a 61% discount.

Choose a single payment of $397, two equal payments of $210 or three equal payments of $145, each billed to your credit or debit card in two or three consecutive months respectively.

As with all Spirit Gateways​® courses, your online access to BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass remains in effect for your lifetime.

Special Pricing To Help You Ignite Your Life

We recognize the varied challenges faced by so many people worldwide, and we want to be sure to reach as many people as possible, so we are offering BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass for $397 inclusive of all videos and bonuses.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the Masterclass?

You are given the roadmap to reconnect to your original Self, which opens you to the Source of your power, light, soul, and True Self.

How is the Masterclass different than the Spirit Gateways® Passport?

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a perfect starting point to mend the fragmentations between your Bodymind and soul and to begin to experience the union of your whole Self. You are guided through the most important meeting points of transformation to radically shift how you perceive your Self.  The Spirit Gateways® Passport teaches how to unify, integrate and manifest your conscious physical-energetic-mental and emotional energies into the next higher octave of awareness to embody and live your life with more vibrancy and success.

How long will it be before I can see results?

Upon listening to the section in Module 1 called Ending the Battle and practicing the One in Soul Practice at the end of Module 1, you can expect to have some significant breakthroughs. If you practice your new connection with your Self, you will see results.

How is the Masterclass different than other personal and spiritual development programs?

You are taught how to simultaneously work from an “in the body” perspective to help you make radical shifts emotionally, energetically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Do I need any previous training to benefit from BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass?

None, whatsoever, you just need to apply what you are being given in the class by taking time to practice the tools given.

Who is the Masterclass for?

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is for anyone who has a desire to know who they are, and to find their spiritual connection to greater happiness, contentment, and conscious empowerment. Your age, race, cultural, spiritual or religious background do not influence what you receive in the training. BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a universal program that teaches universal principles.


What People Are Saying

Iana Lahi is a real deal messenger of light who is ushering in the new matrix for the planet. She is in a league of her own and beyond what most spiritual teachers are bringing forth. She carries within herself and is fully present to how to shift through the blocks that are holding humanity captive in its own web. Her humanness and compassion are a vital part of her commitment to help uplift each person into who they are, why they are here, and what they have to face and transform to be all that they already decided to accomplish on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. She is holding the vision and the blueprint to move humanity forward for these times.”

Debra Krupa, Organizational Development Coach & Practitioner, San Jose, CA.

Iana speaks the truth in a profoundly insightful way. She guides and teaches, always honestly, and with the necessary balance of compassion and realism. Using the practice of meditation, as well as other tools, Iana has taught me how to “see” inside myself, helping me to identify my core issues, understand their origins, and then eventually, how to release these issues, finally freeing myself from their bonds. Spiritually, I feel as if I’m now viewing the world through new and fresh eyes, ready to embrace the world through love and light as never before.”

Eileen Shuchat, The Paleo Potter, Toronto, Canada

Through my work with Iana, I began to have realizations that led me to a place of Serenity and the cultivation of a profound relationship with God/Quantum Field/Infinity, or whatever you choose to call it, that has given me the Love Found Within Self that had been missing for decades. This is the work that brings you into direct connection with your own unlimited power, vision, mastery, and truth by sourcing what is within you.”

Rick Ward, Entrepreneur and Sales Consultant, Fairfax, Virginia