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When Your Mother Is Not Home
and Your Father Is Lost At Sea

Calming The Waves of Confusion, Anxiety, and Neglect

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Growing into your own person from birth until your late teens sets the foundation for how you create your relationship to money, sexuality, home, love partnership, life purpose, and your emotional fluidity and well-being.


When your mother has a lot on her plate and she does not have the integrated emotional and psychological skills to show up for her self, and for her child or children, no matter how much you love your mother, you will need to heal the gaps and holes within you and deepen your relationship to your True Self. You must choose to mother your Self and learn to listen, see, and receive your deepest needs and tend to them. You must love and raise your Self.

When your father is lost in the sea of his own material challenges, difficulties connecting into his own body, emotional denials, and rejects your body, heart, and soul because he can barely deal with his own, to heal your father wound you must find the current of light and power within you and follow it home into your awakened masculine, whether you are male or female.


Your greatest life challenges can BE healed and released through coming home into your own body, facing your broken heart, and navigating your anger, fear, and self-worth issues by becoming One with your original Self. The key is to move through your hurt and pain by embracing who you truly are which exists beneath the emotion.


Discover how to heal your hidden and untouchable anger, loss, grief, emotional gaps, and inabilities to communicate and own your own needs while creating a new embodied relationship with love, sex, money, success, career, and your health.

In When You Mother, Is Not At Home and Your Father, Is Lost At Sea, gives you the insghts and tools to:

  • Feel at home and at One in your body.

  • Help you to end the ways that you sabotage your life.

  • Know your Self and love your Self in a deeper and more powerful way.

  • Lift up out of patterns that keep you stuck, limited, and by-passing the important lessons in your life.

  • Discover the life force energies within you to crack the codes of self-doubt, held -in pain, sorrow, feeling abandoned, betrayed or rejected (ABR), health, career and relationship difficulties.

When Your Mother Is Not Home and Your Father
Is Lost At Sea Course Contents

Module 1 - Awakening To What Hurts

   A. Where Is My Mother, Where is Love

   B. Is It Me?

   C. I Am Confused But Refuse To Admit It

Module 2 - My Denied Needs

   A. I Want Love, I Want To Receive Love, But I Never Believe I Should Or Can     
       Have it
Can Have It

   B. Is This Why I Can't Ask For What I Want

   C. Playing Perpetrator-Passive Victim and Thinking I Am Not Hurting Anyone

Module 3 - Why Am I Angry But Do Not Know It

   A. Staying Shut Down—I Must Not Deserve Love or to Live

   B. Don’t Make Me Feel—Using Fear To Control Your Self and A Partner

   C. I Live In My Head and I Don't Know Why


Module 4 - Finding the Divine Within You

   A. Letting Love Guide You Home To You

   B. Entering Into Your Body and Facing Your Father and Mother’s Absence

   C. Releasing the Hold of Your Father’s Ego To Shut You Down

Module 5 - Ending the Battle With Your Repressive Inner Masculine or Feminine Know It All

   A. Turning Your Anger Into Pure Power and Coming Out of Denial

   B. Turning To the Light of Your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

   C. The Hierosgamous—The Divine Marriage Between Your Inner Masculine
       and Inner Feminine

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