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BEing: Group Mentoring II 

The Masculine-Feminine Approach To Lasting Transformation & Renewal Through Divine Union With Your True Self

BEing: Group Mentoring II is a highly focused  12-week group mentoring experience meeting once a week for those men and women who have completed, are enrolled or plan to be enrolled in the Spirit Gateways Passport online video course. Meeting 12 times over a 3-month period for 90-minute teleconference sessions, BEing is designed to deepen and expand your personal experience in a group environment and add to your internal preparation as a global change maker.

In Your Heart Awaits The Golden Moment Of Feeling Lifted To Go BEyond Who You Think You Are And BE Who You Are

BEing: Group Mentoring II will catapult your life upwards as you join other men and women who through the Spirit Gateways® Passport destination experience are creating their life to BE more than they have previously experienced. All participants will gain a new experiece of empowement and BE ready to embody living in greater joy, financial and emotional abundance, sexual-spiritual integration, and happiness and success through BEing their True Self.

As a particpant in BEing: Group Mentoring II you will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring with Iana and be guided deeper through the Spirit Gateways® Passport Modules.

In a honoring group of other men and women from all backgrounds you will be on a fast track to rediscover and ignite your most powerful life force energies, mind, and body connections, manifestation codes of your soul, universal power and wisdom, and embody the deep clarity of your destiny path as a born awakener and change maker.

BEING: Group Mentoring II will dissolve the dividing lines between the most significant yet separate areas of your life and give you an in-the-moment experience of finding and integrating new levels of freedom, self-love, healing, empowerment and trust to make immediate and important shifts in your personal life, health, spiritual development, relationships, finances and career.

Recreate Your Life
From A New Paradigm Of Spiritual Oneness

Experience Many Benefits By BEing A Participant In
BEing Group Mentoring II

In BEING: Group Mentoring II you will: 

  • Remove old barriers and obstacles, while stepping into levels of clarity that will propel you forward through your life challenges and soul lessons.


  • Receive direct and specialized mentoring with Iana in a safe space, while honoring your heart.


  • Experience healing and living in the center of your heart and soul, and BE free to love, express, succeed and prosper in a new way.


  • Learn physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic tools and practices to support a new Bodymind-soul-spirit relationship and integration.


  • Heal sexual, financial, and relationship imprints and discover living from your Whole Self.


  • BE ONE with your sexual, life giving financial, and core divine energies.


  • Discover your Creation Point of power and manifestation.

Walk Through The Gateways Of Your Heart

 Experience The Oneness Of Your True Self

Join BEING: Group Mentoring II and step through your veils of illusions and long term embedded believes and repetitive patterns that block you from knowing, BEing and living the You that is READY to BE fully expressed in every area of your life.

BEing: Group Mentoring II is for men and women who are presently enrolled or are planning to enroll in the Spirit Gateways® Passport course, or who have completed the course and want to fly higher, dive deeper, and unravel their own individual patterns on a mastery level to successfully take their next steps to manifest their lives in direct relationship with their Source.

Realize & Enlighten Financial Abundance,
Emotional Well-Being & Whole Sexuality 
As One 

BEing: Group Mentoring II will launch in 2022 in conjunction with the Spirit Gateways Passport online video course.

: Group Mentoring II is $1475 for the entire 12 weeks of group mentoring. 

You can make a single payment of $1475, two equal payments of $750 (Total $1500) or three equal payments of $510 ($1530 total)

Please sign-up for our email list so you can be informed when we launch. A discount is available for early-bird registration. Email us for a discount coupon.

Seating is Limited; Reserve Your Place Now

Dissolve the Veils Between God, Sex,

Union, Co-Creation, Money, Joy & Your Life


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to receive in BEing: Group Mentoring II?

You can expect to discover the secrets to your sexual, spiritual, and life force energies and how they influence your financial, relationship, personal power, health and vitality. Within the depth of your BEing is a meeting point where your whole Self meets the divine. When you meet this sacred place you know your Self as BEing One. In BEing: Group Mentoring II, you are given “the way” to your sacred meeting point where you can make radical shifts and redirect your life to fulfill your unique destiny.

What is the difference between Life Mastery Training (Group Mentoring I) and BEing (Group Mentoring II) programs?


Both Life Mastery Training and BEing group mentoring programs meet one time each week for 12 weeks and give you the roadmap to discover, live, and BE One in your True Self. 


Life Mastery Training, Group Mentoring Level I and BEing, Group Mentoring Level II are integral elements of the Spirit Gateways® BE System.


In Life Mastery Training (Level I) you are purposefully guided to realize, heal, mend, and reconstruct your body, mind and spirit to return to its original connection with Source. You discover and reunite the lost parts of your Self, discover how and why your ego Self came into existence, experience energetic and soul-level awakenings to deeply awaken to who you are, and experience the union of your divine and masculine energies. Level I gives you the keys to your Self.


In BEing (Level II), you bring into greater awareness the interrelation between sex, intimacy, money, your life work and calling, and your relationship to who you are as a man or woman and what you are here to accomplish and complete for these times.


The powerful self-initiations to realize and embody a new body-mind-spirit connection are provided through Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION® and LoveToBE the Movement®. You are guided to cross the bridge from BEing One in your Self to BEing in the world in a multi-dimensional, anchored and empowered way—ready to walk forward BEing You as One.

Who Is BEing: Group Mentoring II for?

BEing is for women and men who are planning on enrolling, are presently enrolled, or have completed the Spirit Gateways® Passport online video course. BEing creates deep awakenings within the male and female psyche to ignite a new union and Oneness within each participant. You are guided into realizing and BEing the full expression of your Self. If you are an individual seeking to have your love relationship blossom, draw to your Self a significant other, want an extraordinary relationship with your Self BEing solo, finally want to rise up into your confidence, career bliss, and success, and breakthrough the blocks within your Self preventing you from BEing you, BEing: Group Mentoring II can take you through and beyond your self-doubts and fears into BEing You.

Do I need to show up every week for the group session?

It is recommended that you come to every session to receive the direct transmission of the teachings, tools and practices for that week, and to vibrate with the other participants who are asking questions and being mentored. If you cannot attend in person, no worries, a recording of the class is posted as a down-loadable audio file within 48 hours in the onliine course lessons. Note, the individual one-on-one mentoring at the end of the class is not recorded and will not be part of the audio file.

Can I be mentored individually in the program?

Yes, you can. You will be given an email address to write your question to Iana a few days before the class. You also have the space to not speak, and just take in. You have total freedom to interchange with the group in your way, your timing, and your flow. You can write to Iana at any time and seek her input with your questions. Your breakthrough’s are what Iana is dedicated to.

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