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Please agree to the following terms before checkout by clicking on the box.

Your online on-demand video course, individual mentoring, and/or group mentoring session or sessions are unique to you and are conducted as on-demand online video courses, one-on-one individual telephone or online video sessions, and/or group online video and/or teleclass(es) with Iana Lahi/Spirit Gateways®.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all on-demand online video courses. There are no refunds for your group and/or individual mentoring sessions.


No guarantees of specific outcomes are warranted or expressed by your viewing and/or participation in online video courses and/or group or individual mentoring sessions. All insights and/or information provided by Iana Lahi/Spirit Gateways® to you, the recipient/purchaser, are for educational purposes only and are not to be considered medical, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or psychological counseling of any form and do not diagnose any medical, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or psychological condition or conditions nor are any claims made to prescribe, prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions.


You, the recipient/purchaser, accept one hundred percent personal responsibility for any and all actions and/or behaviors that you, of your own free will and absolute personal discretion and choice, choose to make as an aftereffect of viewing any individual online video lesson or complete online video course or courses, and/or any individual one-on-one mentoring session and/or a single or collective group mentoring session or sessions with Iana Lahi/Spirit Gateways® conducted over any medium, including individual or group telephone or teleconference, online voice, online video, mobile audio and/or video or text message.


You, the recipient/purchaser, hold Iana Lahi/Spirit Gateways® free and harmless of any and all responsibility and liability from any personal actions or behaviors that you, the recipient/purchaser, may choose to take as a result of viewing any on-demand online video lesson, lessons, or complete course or courses and/or participating in an individual one-on-one or group mentoring session or sessions with Iana Lahi/Spirit Gateways®, whether by telephone, teleconference, online audio or online video, in a written/audio/video email or text message or as written, video or audio content on or

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